Elegant Prom Updo Hairstyle


This lovely updo for medium length to long hair is fantastically elegant. What a wonderful, classy look for your Prom!

Elegant Updo For PromAny style of Prom gown from off the shoulder to halter strap from above the knee to ankle length will be complimented beautifully with this elegant updo.

This elegant updo for Prom works best on hair that is naturally straight however it can be easily modified to fit hair of almost every type and texture.

As with most elegant updo’s for Prom, this look will be easier to style on locks that are not freshly washed as your tresses contain natural oils that lock this hairdo in place. If you want an elegant updo for your Prom night, this hairstyle is perfect.

Elegant Prom Updo Hairstyle Styling Steps

Create a ponytail on the top of your head that rests near the back of the crown.

Hold the ponytail in place with a hair friendly band that you do not mind cutting. This will be required when obtaining this elegant updo.

Take the hair in your ponytail and starting at the base "stack" 1 1/2" to 2" hot rollers. Work all of the way to the top to achieve a slight bend in your locks.

How To Style Steps Now, work from the bottom of the ponytail to the top to create a slight bend in the hair.
How To Style Steps Allow the curlers to remain in your hair until they have fully cooled.
How To Style Steps Carefully cut the band holding the ponytail and remove it from your hair.
How To Style Steps Gently unwind the curlers and remove them from your hair.
Your hair will have somewhat of a square part. Lift the hair at your crown up from this part and use a boar’s hair brush to carefully and softly tease your tresses.
How To Style Steps Tease down the center section only separating the hair at the corners behind the ears. Tease the hair on top but not at the nape.
How To Style Steps Take the middle section of your hair to the top of your head. Smooth with a comb and secure with 4 hair pins.
How To Style Steps Section behind the ear and then divide the hair into two section
How To Style Steps Carefully tease these sections together.
With your right hand behind the hair bring the pony tail piece towards the back of the ear and fold. Allow a tail piece to remain free.
How To Style Steps Mist your locks lightly with hair spray and repeat this process on the opposite side.
How To Style Steps Leave the lower section remaining down. Create large barrel curls with two fingers leaving the ends out. Pin into place and pin a curl on either side.
How To Style Steps Release some strands of hair around your face and twist them gently to soften your updo slightly.


Elegant Prom Updo Hairstyle Finishing Steps

How To Style Steps Apply a few drops of shine serum to the palms of your hands and gently smooth over the top of your hair for a glossy, shimmering effect.
How To Style Steps Mist with a strong hold hair spray.

Enjoy this elegant prom updo hairstyle!


prom bun hairstyle

Your fantastically elegant updo for Prom can be jazzed up with jeweled hair accessories for extra sparkle and shine.

To add a soft, feminine touch you can pin fresh flowers on either side of this stunning updo for Prom.

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