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Drying Tips For Long Hair

When your locks are long, it is essential that you dry them properly to prevent causing as little damage as possible. It does not matter which method you use to dry your long hair, what matters is that you ensure your hair always looks glossy and healthy.

When you use a blow dryer to dry your long hair, take full advantage of your hairdryer's settings. To start with use a warm airflow and finish with the cool setting to allow your hair follicles to close.

An option that many women find helpful when drying their long hair with a blow dryer is to work in sections. Pin your hair to the top of your head, and release small sections at a time. This will allow your hair to dry more quickly.

At times, it is essential for you to use a blow dryer on your long hair. Especially when a certain hairstyle calls for its use, or when the weather is cold and you do not want to leave home with a wet head.

If you have plenty of time at home and wish to air dry your locks, which is of course the healthiest method for your hair, there are a variety of methods for achieving this.


Drying Tips For Long Hair

Once you have blotted your hair with a towel, apply a good leave-in conditioner. Comb through your tresses with a wide tooth comb and then wrap the strands of your hair into a knot or a bun.

Leave your hair this way and allow it to air dry for a few hours. When you remove the bun you will be left with shiny waves that are damage free.

It depends on how long and thick your hair is for the amount of time it will take to air dry. Also, your locks will dry faster naturally in the summer than the winter.

Take these facts into consideration for allowing your tresses enough time to dry naturally before you need to go anywhere.

Instead of blowing your locks dry, you could also choose to make use of a hooded dryer for your long hair.

Hooded dryers cause less damage to your long hair because the heat is diffused over a greater area. Also, hooded dryers can be set on a low or medium setting.

However, it is important to remember to never sit directly against the heating coils or under the hottest area of the hood.

Because blow-drying can cause damage to your long hair, consider using that option only when you are in a rush. If you do need to blow-dry your locks, there are steps you can take to minimize damage from heat.

If possible, use a blow dryer that has two speeds and three heat settings. Never fully dry your locks with a blow dryer. Allow a touch of moisture to remain in your hair. Use a blow dryer that that provides ionic and ceramic heat sources for less damage.

While blow-drying your long tresses, bend at the waist to dry the underside of your hair. This will protect the top of your cuticles, which are already regularly exposed to the elements from the heat.

Keep your long locks healthy by deep conditioning if you do need to use a blow dryer on a regular basis.


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Drying Tips For Long Hair

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