Drew Barrymores Long Sleek Hairstyle

drew barrymore long sleek hairstyleLong, sleek and oh so very sexy seems to be the just the right words to describe Drew Barrymore’s hairstyle. Drew Barrymore’s long glossy tresses are sophisticated and a surefire way to guarantee all the attention that she can handle.












Often times, when people think of long, straight locks, they envision a hairstyle that is anything but exciting. As you can see with this long, sleek hairstyle that Drew Barrymore has, this look is far from mundane.

One element that really helps to bring life to this hairstyle is the addition of layers surrounding the front of her hair. These long layers are allowed to caress her face beautifully.
Drew Barrymore has a round face and these layers help to provide the appearance that her face is narrower than it really is. This long, sleek hairstyle with face framing layers would also look wonderful on women who have square, oval, diamond or heart shaped faces.
It is natural to become somewhat tired of your hairstyle after awhile and want to change your look. However, once you have gone to the time and effort of growing your locks out, it can be difficult to decide to cut them.
You can actually dramatically or subtly change the appearance of your tresses without cutting a single inch if you desire. This can be done through highlights such as Drew Barrymore has.
Drew Barrymore’s long, sleek hairstyle is infused with soft, honey colored highlights that offer the appearance of texture and depth. Highlights, lowlights and overall color is a nice way to give your hairstyle the pick me up that you are looking for. If you do not mind having a touch of hair snipped for the sake of jazzing up your look, as Drew has done, you can have some layers added to your look.

Long layers will not only frame your face; they will also lighten your hair and provide glorious movement. Tresses that are fine or of a medium thickness are preferable for a long, sleek hairstyle like Drew Barrymore’s.

You can of course achieve this style if your locks are thick; you will just need to be prepared to spend more time creating the hairstyle each day.

Drew Barrymores Long Sleek Hairstyle ~ Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with the right products for your hair type and condition.
Style Hair Steps Towel dry and work out tangles with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps Distribute a small dab of moisturizer evenly through your hair from a few inches below the roots to the ends. Style Hair Steps Avoid applying this product to the roots as it can weigh your hair down.
Style Hair Steps Next, with your fingers, disperse a dab of sculpture lotion evenly throughout your locks.
Style Hair Steps Use the tail end of your comb to create a middle part in your hair.

Enjoy, Drew Barrymores Long Sleek Hairstyle



Drew Barrymores Long Sleek Hairstyle

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