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Dress it up costumes hairstyles makeup, you are only limited by your imagination. Playing dress up has always been a favorite pastime for kids of all ages. Costume choices are often heavily influenced by pop culture, film, and books. There is no better way to free up your imagination than to try on someone else’s clothing, personality, style, or character for an evening.

Try A New Persona

You’ll be surprised at how your confidence can soar when you try on a new persona! Maybe you’re a sucker for authenticity and you’ll want every minute detail to be spot on. 

You may want to start your shopping early if that's the case, so make your Halloween costume decisions with plenty of shopping days left. If you're open to a little leeway, you can play up the flirt-o-meter by varying the length of your outfit and stamping out your own style.

Listing Catagories

For The Brave

For the super brave, try sexy miniskirts and bustiers with kitty ears and tails, a la "Mean Girls." Accessories can often make or break the costume. Go sexy with playful accessories like high heels and fishnets or traditional with cowboy boots and pigtails.

Be creative with jewelry choices, spiked collars and such, and props, like buccaneer swords and lassos. Carry a Chinese takeout box purse with your geisha gear or a feather duster in your gloved French maid hand. Feather boas and long strands of fake pearls will finish off a flapper costume.

Do research on your character, and you'll be sure to come up with some special touches to complete your transformation. Hair and makeup are another great part of dress up.  When else can you try the craziest hair styles and darkest lip colors without repercussion? 

Practice wild and wicked geisha makeup, or go smudgy and sexy as a cave girl.  Rock that blood red lipstick you’ve been afraid to try but would be perfect for a wicked vampiress.

If horror is more your speed, check out glue-on prosthetics or latex pieces for witchy noses and devil horns. There are many pre-packaged makeup kits available that include everything you’ll need for werewolves, clowns, and monsters as well as instructions to walk you through. 

We have a boon of funky wigs for reasonable prices.  Try waist-length Elvira hair or a hot pink "Pulp Fiction” bob.  We also have clip in hair extensions in bright, fun colors for wig-o-phobes.  Go nuts with hot rollers or old school crimping irons.  Check out our costume pages for some more specific makeup and hair styling tips and ideas.

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