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Playing dress up has always been a favorite pastime for kids of all ages.

Try A New Persona

Costume choices are often heavily influenced by pop culture, film, and books.

 There is no better way to free up your imagination than to try on someone else’s clothing, personality, style, or character for an evening.

You’ll be surprised at how your confidence can soar when you try on a new persona! Maybe you’re a sucker for authenticity and you’ll want every minute detail to be spot on. 

You may want to start your shopping early if that's the case, so make your Halloween costume decisions with plenty of shopping days left.

If you're open to a little leeway, you can play up the flirt-o-meter by varying the length of your outfit and stamping out your own style.

For The Brave

For the super brave, try sexy miniskirts and bustiers with kitty ears and tails, a la "Mean Girls." Accessories can often make or break the costume.

Go sexy with playful accessories like high heels and fishnets or traditional with cowboy boots and pigtails.

Be creative with jewelry choices, spiked collars and such, and props, like buccaneer swords and lassos.

Carry a Chinese takeout box purse with your geisha gear or a feather duster in your gloved French maid hand.

Feather boas and long strands of fake pearls will finish off a flapper costume.

Do research on your character, and you'll be sure to come up with some special touches to complete your transformation.

Hair and makeup are another great part of dress up.  When else can you try the craziest hair styles and darkest lip colors without repercussion? 

Practice wild and wicked geisha makeup, or go smudgy and sexy as a cave girl.  Rock that blood red lipstick you’ve been afraid to try but would be perfect for a wicked vampiress.

If horror is more your speed, check out glue-on prosthetics or latex pieces for witchy noses and devil horns. 

There are many pre-packaged makeup kits available that include everything you’ll need for werewolves, clowns, and monsters as well as instructions to walk you through. 

We have a boon of funky wigs for reasonable prices.  Try waist-length Elvira hair or a hot pink "Pulp Fiction” bob. 

We also have clip in hair extensions in bright, fun colors for wig-o-phobes.  Go nuts with hot rollers or old school crimping irons. 

Check out our costume pages for some more specific makeup and hair styling tips and ideas.

Womens Costumes

Preview Cavegirl Costumes
Cavegirl Costumes
Here are some great ideas to dress up as a cavegirl or cavewoman, outfit, hairstyles and makeup that "rock"
Womens Sexy Jail Bait Convict Costumes
Convict Costumes
This very sexy Jail Bait prisoner costume will definitely get you locked up for your good looks or get you out of jail free
Naughty Cop Costumes For Women
Cop Costumes
This adorable and super sexy naughty cop outfit will ensure that nobody minds being on the wrong side of the law this Halloween!
Cowgirl Costumes
Cowgirl Costumes And Outfits
Tame the wild wild west at noon or your gunslinger boyfriend at midnight with a saucy and sexy cowgirl costume or sheriff costume
Preview Elizabeth Swann Costumes
Elizabeth Swann
Sail the high seas in style with these cotume, hairstyle, and makeup ideas for a Elizabeth Swann costume
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Gangster Girl Costumes
Gangster Girl
Who wants to be on the arm of a gangster when you could be the gangster yourself?
Geisha Costume Hair And Makeup
Geisha Girl
Geisha are the epitome of sexy femaleness in Asia – and that sensual mystery has made its way over the pond. 
Bohemian Go Go Girl Costumes
Go Go Girl
Twiggy anyone? Go party in a bohemian go go girl costume, use these makeup and hairstyle tips to get a authentic sixties look
Skincare After 40
Leprechaun Outfits
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style or dress it up Irish for theme parties or Halloween wearing sexy Leprechaun Costumes
Skincare After 40
Maid Costumes
French maid costumes are a long-standing cliché of sex appeal and naughtiness, a popular choice for Halloween and parties for decades
Skincare After 40
Marie Antoinette Costume Ideas
Be the beautiful French Queen Marie Antoinette, Choose a Marie Antoinette dress or knickers outfit and "Let them eat cake"
Skincare After 40
Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes
Put together a great Marilyn Monroe character with long gold lame gowns or Monroes classic white halter dress
Skincare After 40
Mermaid Costumes
Mermaid costume ideas, mermaid costume wigs, makeup, and accessories for great costumes
Skincare After 40
Nurse Costumes
Choose your nurse fantasy and dress the part as the good, but still very sexy, day Nurse Nancy or dress the bad nurse in naughty nurse outfits
Skincare After 40
Peacock Costumes
Dress up as the showiest member of the animal kingdom – a peacock!
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Sailor Girl Dress Costumes
Out fits for you and your sailor boy. Choose a sailor dress costume or a sailor style set with tops and shorts, capri pants or skirts
Skincare After 40
Referee Costumes
Wanna make a play for a certain hot sports fella this Halloween? Well, donning a sexy referee costume is a good place to start! 
Skincare After 40
Witch Halloween Party Costumes
The classic black Witch will always be seen on Halloween and your bset choice for any serious spell casting
Skincare After 40
Good Or Bad Witch
So whether you fancy yourself a good witch or a bad witch, with a wave of your magic wand you will find there are suitable costumes for you

Costumes Hairstyles Makeup

Feather Mask With Pearls

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Ancient Costumes And Hairstyles

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Ancient Greek Hairstyles
View pictures of classic ancient Roman Greek hairstyles for Greek costumes, fashion, or dress up
Skincare After 40
Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles
Features how to apply eyeliner as an Ancient Egyptian woman and updo hairstyle ideas
Skincare After 40
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
The finishing touch to any Egyptian Costume
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Renaissance Medieval Costumes And Accessories
Find your inner Renaissance fashion, are you wnech or peasant or Royalty Queen or Princess?

Plus Size Costumes

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Men's And Women's Plus Size Costumes
Enjoy all the top women's costumes and the cool men's costumes in plus sizes, a great selection for both

Costume Makeup And Face Painting

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Halloween Costume Makeup Kits
Makeup kits and application tools you need for great looking costumes, kits give you all the color you need to take costumes to the next level
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Clown Face Painting Ideas
Pick your clown and paint your face! View clown face painting pictures and get makeup ideas, women clown faces, peirrot clowns and more.
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How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes
We¹ve been captivated by a man who knows how to rock a little strategically worn makeup
Skincare After 40
How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Tribal Chief Eyelids
Johnny Depp had some very funky eye makeup on his eyelids for the tribal king scene

Costume Accessories

Skincare After 40
Jack Sparrow Costume Accessories
An authentic Jack Sparrow look needs a little of the Captain's accessories to sail ship in style
Skincare After 40
Costume Stockings
Black pantyhose, tights, fashion pantyhose, fishnet, nylons, leg warmers, anklets, knee highs, seamed, lace stockings, thigh highs

Hairstyle Ideas

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Pirate Hairstyles And Makeup
Take a cue from Miss Elizabeth Swann and wear the perfect pirate hairstyle. For wench pirates, sexy pirates, and elegant pirates

Costume Wigs

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Halloween Costume Wigs
Great wigs can give your costume the perfect finishing touch

Couples Costumes

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Couples Costumes
Couples costumes and outfits are always a hit at a party or for Halloween. Perfect for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend

Group Costumes

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Group Halloween Costume Ideas
Ideas for small and large groups, gather your gang together and theme dress for Halloween parties

Mens Costume Ideas

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Black Cloaks
A black robe can be used creating so many different costumes. Add one to your costume wardrobe
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Prehistoric cavemen costumes will be popular this halloween or for a caveman theme party
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Funny Halloween Costumes
Here are some great ideas for Halloween costumes
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A more elaborate and grown-up version of a ghostly gentlemen is the sort of thing horror movies are made of
Skincare After 40
Men's gunslinger costume for the fun of being a cowboy again
Skincare After 40
Jack Sparrow Pirate
One of the top Halloween costumes again this year is Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween night
Skincare After 40
Jack Sparrow Costume Accessories
An authentic Jack Sparrow look needs a little of the Captain's accessories to sail ship in style
Skincare After 40
Well, get ready to keep those timbers shivering as we pull together a hip, happening pirate costume for the costume party-goer in the know.
Skincare After 40
Police Officer
Do you fancy yourself above the law? Or have you simply fought the law and the law won? 
Skincare After 40
Get your group together and dress up as the freaky looking rock musicians Slipknot, compared to the made up magic of KISS
Skincare After 40
Tavern Man
Be most popular fella at the party with this once upon a day gone by tavern man costume, the original party animal
Skincare After 40
Put the fright back in Halloween night with a terrifying life-like (or unlife-like) zombie costume

Best Halloween Costumes

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Best Halloween Costumes
New movies, TV Shows and new hit songs influence what costumes will make the top 10 list each year

Cheap Halloween Costumes

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Discount Halloween Costumes
Many people are doing Halloween on a budget this year, we have the sale and clearance pages for you of the major online costume sites

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Preview Pretty Zombie Eyes
Pretty Zombie Eyes
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