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Dorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle

wedge hair 1970sDorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle
A women's hairstyle from the 19790s Dorthy Hammel's wedged bob, a 80 degrees wedge hairstyle like Dorthy Hammel's is popular and trendy again! 

Olympic medallist Dorothy Hammel is without a doubt just as well known for her wedge haircut as she is for winning the gold. Once Dorothy was pictured in this light, carefree wedge hairstyle, women all over the world started visiting their salons asking for the same hairstyle.

Now, this vintage hairstyle is making a comeback and the wedge is hotter than ever. The wedge is wonderful in that it can be adapted for almost all hair types and will flatter most face shapes.

Another draw for the wedge is that it is an ageless hairstyle. Everyone from the very young, to older women can wear a wedge hairstyle with ease.

To have your wedge exactly like Dorothy’s however; you will need thick hair that is fairly straight.

Dorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle

If your hair is very fine, you can still wear Dorothy’s wedge hairstyle as long as it was cut correctly and contained many layers.

Initially, Dorothy’s wedge was actually more of a bowl cut, but overtime was shortened into the wedge haircut that she is famous for. This wedge haircut features a strong weight line and shallow-angled layering underneath.

Dorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle
Cutting Directions

This creates a style with a large amount of movement. To have your hair cut into a wedge, visit your salon and ask your stylist for the following

The hair should be sectioned leaving a half-inch perimeter down and your bangs should be cut into the shape you desire.

The outline should be cut on the bottom edge of the hair as desired working first from back to front on one side and then repeated on the other.

After that, the hair should be let down and combed with a center part. The guide for the weight line, which typically curves, from the bangs to the occipital bone at the back of the head should be cut with care.

When the weight line has been established, thin, vertical slices of hair should be combed out and the hair raised to an elevation of 80 degrees.

dorthy hammel 70s wedgeThe hair should be cut at an angle from the perimeter length to the weight line. Begin in the center back and work forward on each side.
Once this is all done, the cut should be cross checked by combing out sections horizontally and looking for uneven lengths.

Dorothy’s wedge haircut has become a timeless style of which there have been a variety of variations.

It is however have distinctions such as the sharp, clean tapering of the lower layers of the hair toward the nape of the neck.

Generally, the style is worn with bangs and is at least mid-ear-length on the sides.

As long as the hair cleanly tapers into the wedge shape at the bottom, your locks can be longer or shorter and the style still be defined as a wedge.


Dorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle


Wedge Hairstyle
dorthy hammils wedge hairstyle


Dorthy Hammel And Her 70s Wedge Hairstyle

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