Does A Perfume Ad Work?

Does a perfume ad work? Yes. And very well. The fragrance market often makes use of celebrity spokes models, as they are very popular with people. 

There are times when the model used symbolizes what the perfume makers want the public to see. For example, if a perfume is being created for teens, and the scent of the fragrance is very gentle and floral, the model used in the perfume ads is apt to be someone that appeals to teenagers.

Perfume Advertisements

Our sense of smell is of course strongly related as to whether someone likes a fragrance or not. However, memory also plays a key role on fragrances we gravitate towards.

A certain scent can take our mind back to places we have been before. If the perfume ads we see for fragrances also invoke a certain memory of a pleasant time in our minds, without us even having smelled the fragrance, then the media is doing a wonderful job.

There have probably been times when you were watching television or reading a magazine and found yourself wishing you could enter into a scene that you are seeing. It could be a picture of a resort vacation or a commercial for a winter ski trip.

By showing images such as these in advertisements, the media is interpreting what scent you will get from a certain fragrance that you purchase. They penetrate our minds in a subconscious manner. These advertisements greatly influence our likes and dislikes but does a perfume ad work to make us buy the brand? 

We may often find that we have an opinion on a product we have never even tried before. This opinion is influenced by advertisements and by the thoughts of others. For example, think about the fragrance you currently wear. Of course you liked the smell, but how did you hear about this fragrance in the first place?

Of course, the answer is apt to be through perfume advertisements. In a variety of forms, the media leads consumers through a path of information and prospects. Retailers spend a lot of money on researching the market and they know exactly who to aim for with their fragrance advertising.

Does A Perfume Ad Work To Inspire You?

Demographics are also used to conclude when their target audience is most apt to be viewing television and see their perfume and fragrance ads. Perfume advertising is very powerful and the media is directly involved in what our perceptions of world events and products for sale are.

The media will have done their job effectively if their perfume and fragrance advertisements cause you to even enter a store where fragrances are sold. However, if you purchase a fragrance based on something you have seen in the media or not, is a choice all your own.

Choosing The Right Perfume

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