Do A Spray On Tan At Home

It is actually easy to do a spray on tan at home, these tan tips will show you how to prepare your skin before doing a home spray tan and how to care for your self tan afterwards for a beautiful long lasting tan that glows.

Sunless or spray-tanning is an application of generally harmless chemicals to human skin that mimics the appearance of a suntan without the risk that is involved with conventional sun exposure.

Here is how to do a spray on tan at home and if done properly, a "faked" tan can look even better and more even than a "real" one.

First And Important

When preparing to fake your bake, is to slough off the top layers of dead skin cells with either a scrub or a loofah in the shower.

The spray-on solution attaches itself only to the dead, outermost layer of skin, and when the thickness of that skin cell layer is decreased, it will take longer for the color to wear off.

You should also skip antiperspirant and deodorant before you do a spray on tan at home, as many products will either prevent the penetration of the spray color, or actually turn your underarms green.

Moisturizers and cosmetic products will also hinder the bonding of the "fake tan" to your skin.


Have legs shaved or waxed prior to sunless tanner application. Shaving after the fact will remove more of that outer layer of skin that has absorbed the desired color!

If you've chosen to apply a more temporary product like a bronzer just to the leg area, remove hair a day or two prior to application to avoid a blotchy finish.

To truly achieve an even, natural look, don't be afraid to investigate. There are a wide range of product available from inexpensive to break-the-bank available to do a spray on tan at home, but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Higher quality ingredients do tend to cost a bit more, and so you may find that in order to get the most beautiful bronze look possible, there may be some trial and error ahead.

And remember, when applying product, that less is more, at least to start. It's a good idea to start with a smaller amount, and build color as you get the hang of it.

do a spray on tan at home

Once you've gotten your glow on with the even, beautiful finish you were after, here are some of the things you can do to keep that glow looking fresh and beautiful as long as possible.

Keep Dry!

When you do a spray on tan at home and your tan is freshly sprayed, it must dry completely, and be sure to keep skin from getting wet for at least five hours.

Also, that first day, avoid exercising and perspiring excessively, as well as long baths, swimming, and hot spas. Keeping away from moisture will allow the color to set thoroughly.

Initially, it is important to keep that spray tan hydrated, as this will keep those outer layers of skin from sloughing off.

Hold Off On Hair Removal

Hold off on shaving, waxing and ex-foliating as long as possible, as this will also decrease the shelf life of your tan Read the labels on your showering products as well, and use gentle, non-abrasive products so as not to peel your color off, leaving you patchy.

In the line of keeping hydrated, switch to a moisturizing shower gel post-spray-tan.

The first few days after tanning, color can easily come off from places like hands, joints, and faces, so keep clothing loose and light.

Any Blotchy Or Dark Areas?

If you've found any blotchiness or darker places, such as around the knee area, even them out with a bit of lemon juice.

Once you are ready to completely remove your tan, over moisturize your body with baby oil, leave it on for an hour or so, and then soak off color in a hot bath.

Another method is to ex-foliate the color off with loofah gloves and a body scrub. Now, do a spray on tan at home and glow!

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Do A Spray On Tan At Home
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Do A Spray On Tan At Home