David Beckham And Victoria Clubbing In Style

Who doesn’t want to party like a star?  Or a Spice Girl?  When Victoria and David Beckham can find a babysitter for their three little ones, they like to go to dinner and clubbing in style – sometimes with fellow parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and sometimes in Spain. 

The blossoming friendship of these two celebrity couples has been highly documented – as has Victoria Beckham’s apparent influence on Katie Holmes’s evolving style – check out their matching short ‘do’s and big bags with little dresses.  Who wouldn’t want to inject a little posh into their personal style?

The Poshest of them all glams up in black that’s far from basic.  Taking a classy cue from old Hollywood with a modern twist, her dress is a square necked, cleavage baring black sheath topped off with a short black three-quarter sleeved shrug and cuts a very chic silhouette. 

For a playful dash of color, she’s cinched her teeny waist with a shiny, hot pink mesh belt.  The bag goes big and the jewelry goes small, with delicate chains around her wrist and neck.  Very understated and cool.

This oversized sunglass trend has gone all but overboard!  Steal a little celeb style by sporting those sunglasses at night.  Victoria, Tom, and Katie all keep their eyes shielded from the glare of the paparazzi in uber chic sunglasses.  Large lens pioneers Edith Head and Jackie Kennedy would be proud of Posh’s bigger-than-life black out sunglasses. 

Victoria Beckham favors smoky eyes and nude lips for an evening out.  Copy her wide eyed style with lots of blended black shadow and a thicker-than-usual liner around the eyes.  Add a little sun-kissed shimmery bronzer to the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and across chin and forehead to borrow to add glow, and finish with a light glossy lip to balance sexy eyes.

She shows off those beautiful eyes with her fabulously styled bleachy blond "pob,” complete with sideswept forelock to frame that fabulous squared bone structure.  And of course, don’t forget the best accessory for a fabulous night out – the right date! 

David Beckham is dressed to kill (and with that sexy smile – he can go right ahead!) in a deliberately careless black suit with a slightly rumply, undone white shirt under the jacket and brown shoes and belt to add to the overall casualness of the look. His hair is low-maintenance and buzzed and he is tanned and gorgeous – always holding his lady’s hand. 
Enjoy, David Beckham And Victoria Clubbing In Style


David Beckham And Victoria Clubbing In Style


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