Dandruff Remedies For Older Womens Hair

There are some dandruff remedies for older womens hair that can help you deal with this scalp disorder, it does not matter what your age is, dandruff can be a disturbing and embarrassing issue to deal with.

If you suffer from dandruff, you are well aware that the major symptom of this disorder is a scalp that is dry, itchy and that flakes. Typically, when you have dandruff, your shirt will become covered in small flakes.

Dandruff Shampoos

One of the first dandruff remedies for older womens hair is a good shampoo. If you only have a slight case of dandruff, you can and should use one of the many dandruff shampoos that are for sale.

If you do not notice a decrease in your dandruff within a few weeks you should try a different brand of dandruff shampoo. If this fails as well, you may want to consider using a dandruff shampoo that contains an extract of tar.

Although the aroma of a dandruff shampoo is not very appealing, they are made with products that greatly ease a dry scalp. Even though a tar shampoo can be slightly costly, the expense is worthwhile if the shampoo helps you.

People have been told that if they use a shampoo on their hair too often, that they may actually promote dandruff to develop.

However, this is simply not a true fact. If your tresses happen to be oily and you do not shampoo on a regular basis, the build-up of oil in your hair can encourage dandruff to develop.

Using a good dandruff shampoo on oily locks will help banish dandruff flakes from your scalp.

Dandruff And Hair Products

Many women use products on their hair to help create and hold hairstyles. These products although a wonderful styling tool can often cause your scalp to become oily.

They also can allow a residue to build-up on your scalp which can cause the production of even more oil and therefore dandruff as well.

If you find that you have dandruff you can try to stop using as much of products such as hair spray, wax, gel and mousse.

Make certain however if you notice flakes that it is actually dandruff and not an allergic reaction to your choice of hair products.

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What You Can Do

Lower Your Water Tempature

If you know that you have skin issues, you should consider taking showers that are warm at the most. This is because hot water can actually cause dandruff to become worse.

This results because water of a hot temperature can cause dry skin which in turn forces your body to produce more oil to ward off the dryness. As mentioned, both excessive oil and or very dry skin can cause dandruff to be produced.

Try More Vitamin D

There is research that has been done that shows that sunlight in its natural form can help relieve a person of dandruff.

Although you should not spend a large amount of time in the sun because of cancer risk, short time frames in the sun with your scalp exposed can be helpful.

The sun will offer your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D while working to rid your scalp of irritating dandruff.

Dandruff Treatment By Subscription

If none of these dandruff remedies for older womens hair help you there are other things that you can try. The first step would be to book an appointment to see your family doctor. If your case of dandruff is troublesome enough, you may be given a prescription

Typically a dandruff prescription from your doctor would be for a type of shampoo or a wash for your scalp. Your doctor could also take the route of referring you to a dermatologist.

A dermatologist may decide to take a sample if you are diagnosed with dandruff. If a sample is taken, it will be sent away to make certain what you have is in fact dandruff and not an allergic reaction to anything.

It is important to note that you can not stop dandruff from occurring, but rather you can take measures to control your dandruff.

There are a range of daily habits and practices you can make a part of your routine that will aid you in dandruff control. When your doctor confirms that you do in fact have dandruff, make certain that you contact him or her with any questions that you may have.

Dandruff And Stress

Believe it or not, simply making certain changes in lifestyle can actually be an effective dandruff remedy for older women. For example, dandruff is effected by stress according to studies.

Therefore, if you suddenly develop a case of dandruff you may want to reflect on your current life situations and see if there is something happening that is causing you to feel stressed.

If this is the case, do what you can to ease the stress out of your life. This will help your dandruff and also your overall mental and emotional well being.

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