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The Cyber Gothic look is a subsection of Goth all about too big, too much, too bright.
The usual kids in black clothing with very white skin and blood red lips probably barely show up on your radar.  That traditional Goth look has been around for decades now, and is fairly popular.   

Music-oriented fashion movements evolve just like any other trend, and it’s hard not to notice the flashy, look-at-me style of the recently seen Cyber Goths.


Cyber Goths style gives a peek into the future.  They tend to be techie, Matrix-loving types with a penchant for shiny fabrics like latex, vinyl, and PVC. 


Some outfits feature light up panels, glow-in-the-dark lacing, and oversized metal zippers. Unlike their "trad Goth” counterparts, they are not limited to a monochromatic palette, and can be seen sporting bright and electrifying gear in almost every color imaginable. You can also find cute dresses, bags, and skirts constructed out of heavy duty electrical and duct tape.



cyber goth styleCyber Goth

Load up on brightly colored vinyl jewelry with jumbo metal or rubber spikes.  Check out bags and backpacks covered in those rubber spikes, too!

This subsection of Goth is all about too big, too much, too bright. 

Huge goggles are worn on top of the head, and you’ve probably seen some of those technicolored, wildly braided hair extensions. 

Some with plastic odds and ends like doll heads woven throughout. 

In keeping with the over-the-top style, these are the folks scooping up those super-platformed, chunky Frankenstein boots complete with spikes from the local Hot Topic, or other sub cultural store.

Cyber Goths can be found bouncing and dancing in the clubs to bands like Ministry, Evereve, Lords of Acid and other industrial/techno groups.



cyber goth glitter false eyelashesWhat kind of makeup goes with candy-colored dreadlocks? 

Glitter galore!  Look for shiny silvers with brightly colored flecks of sparkle, even metallic lavenders for lips and cheeks. 

Seek out jumbo false lashes in colors and styles that would make a drag queen proud.  Have fun with your styling, and enjoy dressing for the future!




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Cyber Goth

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