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Cutting Your Own Bangs And Fringes

How To Cut Your Own Bangs And Fringes At Home

Sometimes we do have to snip at home, do a better job of cutting your own bangs with these tips and guidelines

One of the main reasons many women do snip their own bangs at home is due to scheduling.

When you are on the go and do not have time for an appointment is when we will take scissors into our own hands.

Although it is not the first choice, the following suggested guidelines may help you to do a better job of trimming and cutting your own bangs and fringes.

Things to consider before cutting your own bangs and fringes. The person best qualified to cut your bangs or fringe is a professional hair stylist.

These stylists have the training we do not and know how to handle hair movement, texture, and hair pattern.

A bad bang cut although it will grow out is almost impossible to hide until that time. You will not be a happy girl.

Your best solution is to have your bangs first cut by a stylist and at that appointment, ask how to snip the ends or maintain at home.

Many salons offer trimming or cutting bangs and fringes as a free courtesy service, check for salons in your area, and also book with a senior styler.

Just because it is free does not mean you should be an appointment for a brand new apprentice.

Choosing Your Scissors

A quality pair of proper haircutting scissors is essential if you plan on trimming any part of your hair on a regular basis or cutting your own bangs and fringes.

If you do not have these, do not attempt to cut your own bangs.

Attempting to use your kitchen or sewing scissors will make for uneven and crooked bangs, they are simply not designed for hair, and will actually bend your hair as you use them.

The normal everyday use of any type of scissors causes the blades to dull and can cause damage to your hair ends, causing splits, rips, or tears. >

Extreme Long Bangs

Choose scissors with a shorter blade as they are easier to control and that fit your fingers and hands well. For the average women's hand scissors with blades of no more than 5 1/2 to 6 1/2" will feel the best.

Cutting Preparation

Shampoo, and dry your hair in the normal way you usually do but omit using any rinse out or leave in conditioners, if your hair texture is too soft, it will be harder to trim.

When you are cutting your own bangs and fringes, should you cut them wet or dry?

Your hair stretches and is longer wet than dry, it can be difficult for even a professional stylist to estimate just how much shrinkage there will be when the hair is dry.

With dry bangs you will have more control as you cut and your results will be more accurate.

If you have natural curly hair or wavy hair you will now just how dramatic the difference in length can be from wet to dry.

Cutting Your Own Bangs And Fringes

HighlightYou will need both a good mirror and lighting to enable you to have a good view of your work, you should also stand rather than sit.

Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair clipping the non-bang hair up with clips or pulled back in a ponytail.

Next, separate your bangs into three equal sized sections. Clip the two end sections away from the middle section.

Grasp the middle section of your bangs between your index and middle finger of your hand so that it forms a smooth even line.

You do not need to pull hard or stretch your bangs tightly and doing so will give you a false length and line to work with.

Position your scissors at a 45 degree angle. Working from the right side to the left side slowly snip off tiny pieces.

When you have your the middle section completed check the length, if you see that you need to go shorter, simply repeat the actions above, again cutting from left to right.

it is better to go slowly cutting and re cutting if needed than taking a large amount off and then discover it was too much.

Continue working back and forth,alternating the directions until you are happy with the finished length.

You will now use this middle section as a guide to cut the right and left sides of your bangs.

Cut your side sections slowly cutting back and forth from right to left and then cutting left to right. Now you are a pro at cutting your own bangs and fringes!

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