Cutting A Emo Haircut

A lot of people are cutting a emo haircut or variation of it. The origin of the word Emo is short form for the word emotional.

The Emo hairstyles of today reflect that completely. Emo hairstyles are personalized, trendy, funky and unique.

Although there is a large variation in how one can wear an Emo hairstyle, there do seem to be some common factors.

Often the Emo styles will include straightened; dark colored hair, hair that is dyed either black, red, multi-colored (brown and black, red and purple, etc.), or an unnatural dark hue.

Modern Emo Hairstyle

Emo haircuts are always very distinct. The hair is often worn jet black, or has asymmetrical style and sports bold highlights.

Often times an Emo hairstyle is the result of a person playing around and experimenting.

Although you can go to a salon and have your haircut into an Emo look, people often are cutting a emo haircut on their own at home.

If you are brave enough to try creating a emo hairstyle by yourself, you may want to invest in a pair of scissors, hair dye and a razor.

Pick Your Emotion

If you do attempt cutting a emo haircut yourself, do not worry about getting all of the ends even and matching. This style is better jagged and asymmetrical.

Emo hairstyles are about creativity and boldness, not about perfection. A large majority of Emo hairstyles feature a patch of hair in a triangular shape worn around the face. Lopsided hair is also very characteristic in Emo hairstyles.

One of the best things about an Emo hairstyle is the versatility and creative freedom.

It really is a matter of anything goes, so long as you’re being unique and meeting your creative needs.

However, a large majority of people with Emo hairstyles do tend to favor black hair dye.

Emo Hairstyle

Color And Hue

Playing with hair dye is a huge characteristic of the Emo hairstyle. The bolder and funkier you get the better it is. Unlike many other styles, the Emo look does not call for you to look natural.

In fact, since it is obvious if your hair is colored blue, that it is not your natural color, the funkier the shade, the more Emo your look.

Once you have your base color on your hair, there is no reason to stop there. You might want to consider adding frosted highlights, in purple or blue to the edges of your hair for an even trendier touch.

However, make sure your accent colors are bright enough to show through your choice of base color.

If you want to have an Emo hairstyle for yourself but are not sure what to do, you may want to try shaving all of your hair in the back and leaving hair only on the top or on the sides.

Some people may also decide to shear their hair on the sides as well. For these Emo hairstyles, you will want to use electric shears.

Although a large amount of your hair will be buzzed off, there should still be a bold shock of colored hair left hanging down the front into the eyes.

There are really no rules with an Emo hairstyle other than having fun, playing around, getting creative and being as individual as possible.

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