Curly Black Hairstyles With Smooth And Natural Curls

Women have numerous choices when it comes to selecting curly black hairstyles.

When you browse through the pictures in this hairstyles gallery, you will find looks for African American gals that are ideal for anything from formal to casual events.

Long curly hair can be obtained on African American hair naturally or through the use of styling tools and products.

If you decide to adopt a look for your long hair that utilizes your natural curl, you will not have as much hair maintenance to do as you will if you wear a look with smooth curls.

long curly black hair styles

long curly black hairstyle

Maintaining Those Long Black Curls

You should make sure to book appointments at your salon for trims as needed. This is an essential element in maintaining your fabulous long black curls.

Regular trims however will make certain that your long hair always looks healthy and celebrity glorious.

This is especially true if you find yourself using heated hair tools often. Certain hair tools such as blow dryers and curling irons or hot rollers can damage your hair over time.

Using a heat protection products when stying can help prevent damage.

It seems as if a number of African American Celebrity females, Ashanti, Brandy, Ciara, Gabrielle Union , Garcelle Beauvais, Janet Jackson, Joy Bryant, Kelly Rowland, Lisa Raye McCoy, Lisaraye Mesick, just to name a few have all worn long curly styles at one time.

There is nothing more glamorous than seeing cascading curls pooling down a women's back or to her shoulders.

Style Ideas For Long Curly Black Hair

There are many long black curly styles that are both simple as well as more complex to achieve, the use of highlights adds both impact and interest to these styles.

long layered black curls

More Styles For African American Women

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- Curly Black Hairstyles

Curly Black Hairstyles
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