Crimped Bob Hairstyles

Crimped Bob hairstyles are fun and flirty and you can wear this versatile look almost anywhere. You can jazz it up for a night of dancing on the town, pull your crimped tresses off your face for a late lunch, or tame them down for a day at the office.

chin length crimped bob

If you’re looking for a way to vamp up your current Bob hairstyle, you do not need to break out the scissors just yet. Sometimes, the best way to update our look is by using styling tools to create a fresh new hairstyle. If you’re looking for an easy, temporary, yet dramatic change for your Bob hairstyle, try crimping your locks

Any Length Of Bob Can Be Crimped

As with most Bob hairstyles, a crimped Bob is adaptable to work with most face shapes and hair types. This look is so youthful and carefree, just a few moments with the crimping iron and you will have a whole new hairstyle. You can wear your hair crimped with a variety of Bob hairstyles.

As long as you have enough length to your Bob to crimp, this style can be yours. You could try starting out with a smooth single-length bob that will emphasize your facial features. Specifically cut chin-length sides with shorter layers underneath will make the ends of your locks turn under and will frame your face beautifully. Taking your crimping iron to this hairstyle will create a unique, flirty look.

Another option would be a Bob haircut clipped to just below the ears. Long, blunt cut bangs ending just above the brows are an excellent addition to this style. Although this bob haircut is rather short, there is a lot of body left in your hair. There is also still enough length to create a sassy crimped hairstyle.

A graduated Bob is a very fashionable version of this classic cut. Layers are used to provide your Bob with volume while tapered ends will make the hair appear softer. This style has an ideal amount of hair to wear your locks kinky and crimped. Asymmetrical Bob hairstyles are daring and bold.

crimped bob hairstyle

crimping a bob

Crimped Bob Hairstyles Styling Steps

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.

Disperse a small dab of styling gel throughout towel dried tresses with your fingers.

Using a round brush, blow-dry your hair as straight as possible.

Divide your hair into small sections and use a crimping iron to create crinkled locks.

Gently shake your head once your entire hair has been crimped.

Arrange your hair as desired with your fingers. Mist lightly with spray shine if desired. Lightly mist with hairspray for hold.

Variations Of Crimped Bob Hairstyles

crimped a line bob for office

A Crimped Style Works For The Office

crimped medium length bob

A Crimped Style Works For Older Women

short crimped bob

A Crimped Style Works For Short Bobs

teens cute center part bob hairstyle

A Crimped Style Is Super Cute For Teens

More Great Ways To Style Your Bob

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