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Create A Funky Bob Hairstyle By Adding Color

funky bob hairstyles with color

You may be happy with your current Bob hairstyle, yet still feel caught in a styling rut. There are often times when we want to update our look, try something new and bold, without having to compromise our current hairstyle.

The ideal solution for these situations is playing with color. You can create a funky Bob hairstyle simply by changing the hue of your hair.

With the right color, you can create a dramatic, fun and funky new look for every occasion.

When it comes to picking a new hair color to create a funky Bob hairstyle, you should consider what shades will improve your look and what types of treatments will be best suited for your hair texture.

Your should base your hair color choices on certain factors such as your natural hair color, eye color, and skin tone. The most important of which is skin tone, you want your new color to compliment the shade of your skin.
Tone is used to depict the warmth or coolness of a color. Overall, warm colors have yellow, peach, or red undertones and cool complexions have pink, violet, or blue undertones. Your complexion coloring is either dark, olive, peaches and cream or fair to light.

kelly osbournes bob hairstyleWarm hair colors are those with a yellow, golden, or amber cast and cool hair colors are ash blonds, ash browns, and black. Your ideal hair shade will have the same tone as your skin.

While you can always visit a salon for your coloring needs, it is entirely possible to create a funky Bob hairstyle by adding color at home. You just want to make certain that you know a few basics about how to pick the proper colors and apply the color correctly.
When deciding on what colors to incorporate into your new funky Bob hairstyle, it is important to consider how much hair maintenance your willing to deal with.


bob hairstyle colored bangs

Create A Funky Bob Hairstyle By Adding Color

Some funky Bob hairstyles may take a large amount of up-keep to retain the fun new color combinations.

For example, if you use colors in your funky Bob hairstyle that is very different from your natural shade, you may require touch-ups every four to six weeks.
Playing with temporary hair colors can be a great way to create a funky Bob hairstyle.

These wash out shades allow you to experiment, try new things and have fun, yet leave you with the option to change looks with a simple shampoo.

You are not committed to keeping a new look while the shade grows out.

There are so many different ways that you can color your locks to make your Bob hairstyle funky and fabulous. You could use highlights for dimension or lowlights for depth. You may opt to color just your fringe or bang or even add interesting shades to the ends of your locks.

A base color can contrast with your streaks to make your Bob hairstyle hip and trendy.
The bob hairstyle pictured above is perfect for fall 2007 and a style you will see often from career looks to casual.

Kelly Osbourne's bob hairstyle while a little more dramatic is up to the minute hip for fall. The unique color blends you can make to create a funky Bob hairstyle really are endless. Experiment, have fun, be bold and daring with your Bob.

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Create A Funky Bob Hairstyle By Adding Color

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