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Concave Bob Hairstyle

The Concave Bob For Fall 2007

Women world wide from celebrities to secretaries are following suit, and the concave bob is the bob style to wear for fall 2007.

Let’s take a detailed look at this new and exciting concave bob hairstyle and how it is cut and colored.

Concave Bob Hairstyle
The Back View Of The Concave Bob

back view victoria beckhams concave bob hairstyle

The talent and skill of Victoria’s stylist Ben Green starts here at the back, Ben started at the back hairline chipping the ends heavily as it graduated upward. This created a finished look that was blended yet still very texturized.

A textured and full finish was also styled from the crown area to the top back part of Victoria’s neck by slicing the lengths.

For Victoria’s color, the very bottom to the mid back the color of Victoria’s hair is a dark golden blonde, and from her crown to her mid back, Ben used blonde foils to create a piecey finish on top of Victoria’s darker blonde.


Concave Bob Hairstyle
The Front View Of The Concave Bob

front view victoria beckhams concave bob hairstyle
The front of Victoria’s concave bob shows off beautiful asymmetrical lengths and Bob Green left the right side a great deal longer then the left.

Victoria’s left side part has slight bangs which fall to her right where the side bangs blend into a longer length which goes down to her chin level. This gives the front of her hair length and creates a lovely feminine touch that compliments Victoria’s small frame.

A piecey look and volume is created with a textured finish and makes this bob a perfect style for thin or fine hair. The front of Victoria’s bob was foiled with light and golden pieces for a sun kissed look, perfect for her new Hollywood location.


Concave Bob Hairstyle
The Right Side Of The Concave Bob

right side view victoria beckhams concave bob hairstyle
The true star of this outstanding bob hairstyle is that right side where the concaved effect is most prominent.

The length of Victoria’s right side gently flows down her jaw line and then blends gracefully from her short textured lengths to her longer piecey strands at the front.

Artfully placed color of various blonde shades give Victoria’s bob a very polished finish, posh if you will.

The longer pieces at the front are further accentuated with additional shades of blond highlights.


Concave Bob Hairstyle
The Left Side Of The Concave Bob
left sidde view victoria beckhams concave bob hairstyle
The left hand side of this bob has graduating short textured lengths but the front of this side has a jaw line graduated length which is styled to stay smartly placed behind her ear leaving the long angled right side to be the focal highlight of the style.
The shorter left side stays very natural in color with a darker tone from the back showing at the very back sides and then finishing up to lighter tones at her top where Victoria’s blonde highlights give her hair a  natural sun kissed finish.




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