Cleaning Care For Babys Nose

Cleaning care for babys nose when it is stuffed up or clogged full of mucous. Unfortunately, even though most babies do not enjoy having their nose cleaned, it is just one of those tasks that has to be done.

Cleaning A Very Small Nose

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Even though it may not be a pleasant job for anyone involved, there are ways to make cleaning your babies nose as easy of an undertaking as possible. Following is advice for cleaning care for babys nose.

If your baby has a nose that has a lot of mucous inside, it is essential that you free the nose of the substance. The main reason for that is you want your baby to be able to breathe well. Also, when an infant has a plugged nose, it is hard for them to eat and breathe at the same time.

This can result in an infant that is even crankier as a result of being hungry and unable to breathe very well. Before attempting any cleaning care for babys nose, you will need to invest in a bulb syringe.

These are available at most stores that carry baby related supplies. You will also want to have saline drops on hand as they are used to thin the mucous before you suction.

You can opt to purchase saline drops or to create your own drops at home. When you are ready to drop the saline into your baby’s nose, you will only want to place approximately one or two drops in each nostril.

For very young babies, you will want to check with your doctor or pharmacist first just to make sure what you are doing is the recommended procedure for cleaning care for babys nose.

It is important to suction your infant’s nose before eating instead of after. This is because there are times when the suctioning may cause your baby to vomit if their stomach is full. It is also important to note that unless it is absolutely necessary, you should not suction your newborn's nose more than three times a day.

It is fairly simple to suction a newborns nose once you are used to working the bulb syringe. To suction your infant, make sure to squeeze any air out of the bulb and then place the tip carefully into the nostril.

Allow air to return to the bulb, which will result in the mucous flowing from your infant’s nose and inside of the bulb. Gently remove the bulb from your baby’s nose and squeeze the mucous from the bulb into some paper towel.

Always wash your bulb syringe very well in between uses to ensure complete cleanliness. This is especially true, as you do not want to keep re-infecting your newborn.

Cleaning Care For Babys Nose At Three Months

When your child is three months old, you will still clean the nose the same way. It may help to wait until your baby is sleeping if possible. By the time your child is six months old, you may need to have help with suctioning their nose, as most infants do not enjoy this at all.

At this age, unless the mucous is clogged in the nose, you may be able to just wipe their nose clean as it runs. Make certain however if you are doing this, that you watch to make sure that their nose is not becoming red and raw. Apply a salve or un-scented baby cream lightly around the nostrils to keep the area moist if necessary.

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