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Men, try new hairstyles, haircuts, and hair color

The new Men's fashions, including new hairstyling, has come a long way.

At one time, the only decision a man could make was to choose a short haircut or no haircut at all.

There was not much style in between.

Times have changed for the better and men all over the world are trying different hairstyles as well as experimenting with new texture and color options.

There is now contrast in man hairstyle from the modern short razor cutting, to the trendy, slightly longer, and heavier on the top, texture styles.

Classic Hair Styles For Mature And Older Men

hair style for mature menMany mature men favor wearing their hair in a timeless classic short hairstyle. This often suits their styling needs in both their professional and personal lives. The right classic hairstyle for mature men will be flattering, easy to maintain and perfect for any event or occasion.

Your barber or stylist can work with you to determine which hairstyle will suit your face shape and hair type the best. It is important to find a haircut that will work well with your features and hairline.

Hollywood is full of mature male movie stars with incredible classic hairstyles. Clint Eastwood is a prime example. He started out making movies many years ago and through the years as we have watched him age, his hairstyle has evolved with him.

Clint has allowed his hair to change color naturally and wears his tresses in a full contoured style.

This hairstyle is best suited for hair that is straight or has a loose wave that can be easily straightened with a quick blow dry. Start by asking your stylist or barber for a shaped to fit contoured style cut with full tapered sides and neckline. The front needs to be left longer to create fullness and is brushed to side without a part. This will bring balance to your profile as well as set off strong facial features.

Classic Hair Styles For Mature And Older Men Clint Eastwood Style
To style - comb a small amount of mousse through damp hair and then blow your locks dry.
When your hair is fully dry, spray lightly with a hairspray for hold.
If your hair is silver like Clint’s you can opt to make your color shiny with a color enhancing shampoo if desired.

Classic Hair Styles For Mature And Older Men George Clooney Style
George Clooney is another famous mature celebrity with a terrific short hairstyle. George wears his short hair in a close cropped contoured style that completely complements his features.

This hairstyle is terrific for both a casual and professional lifestyle and shows off George’s hair, which is thick with natural wave. This haircut is perfect if you have thick or thin hair that contains a hard to control wave. This contoured shaped to fit haircut will allow you to maintain a straight look even with wavy hair. Even though it is very well suited for thick and wavy hair, this short haircut for mature men will work well on any hair type.

Copying George’s hairstyle is very easy to do.

Ask your stylist or barber to cut your hair in a short contoured style that is shaped to fit your head. You can also opt to have fullness created through the top and sides, with close cut mid-length sideburns for variation.

To style- there are a few styling options available with this short hairstyle. You can work a dab of shaping gel through damp hair and allow to dry naturally. For thin hair, blow-dry to create fullness. If you wish to have a textured, shiny effect on your hair lightly apply pomade

Classic Hair Styles For Mature And Older Men
Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

This hairstyle gallery features some of the world's most famous men who will always be loved and admired no matter what their age. They too are dealing with receding hairlines, balding, and graying hair - and they never looked better!

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