Classic Bob Hairstyle Has Become The Trendy New Pob

Victoria-Beckhams-Short-Pob HairstyleThe Classic Bob Is Now The Pob, By Posh!

The Bob hairstyle has been popular ever since the 1920’s. Through the years this classic look has been updated slightly and worn in a variety of ways. However, the Bob has now become the Pob and this timeless hairstyle is hotter than ever.

Pobs are certainly not the simple blunt cut the Bob started out as. These days, they can be mixed up and individualized by using a variety of textures ranging from uneven lengths to asymmetrical choppy edges.

The Pob is a hip and trendy hairstyle that has the ability to make a strong statement. It allows you to combine a terrific hairstyle while still being unique and maintaining your individuality.

Not only does the Pob make a fashion statement; it is lustrous, convenient and low maintenance.

Classic Bob Hairstyles Has Become The Trendy New Pob

The new Pob is not just for women with straight hair. Those with waves or curls can wear a chic Pob as well. As long as you use products to keep your curls under control, you can look completely stylish, in your Pob hairstyle.

Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Christine Aguilera have perfected the wavy Pob. Always one to be sporting the latest trends even in hairstyles, Paris Hilton has been seen all over Hollywood wearing a fabulous Pob haircut.

Paris looks absolutely spectacular with her Pob cut. Her once long locks were cut above shoulder length and gentle layers have been cut to shape her style into a round design angled around her face. Her look is completed perfectly with short wispy side swept bangs. As Paris knows, a great Pob hairstyle is uniquely tailored to flatter your individual hair type and facial features.

Another wonderful aspect to a terrific Pod hairstyle is that by simply playing with hair products, you can completely alter your look.

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victoria beckhams bob hairstyle side view

Classic Bob Hairstyles Is Now The Trendy New Pob
How To Style The New Pob

List Icon To style your Pod like Paris- Shampoo with a product designed for your hair type and apply an anti frizz product

List Icon With your fingers run a dab of mousse through damp hair.

List Icon Using a round brush blow dry your hair straight, lifting at the roots for added volume

List Icon Finger comb your locks into the desired position For additional shine and to enhance your edges, use a pomade shine product.

List Icon Mist with a soft hold hair spray

List Icon To keep your Pob looking fabulous and to make sure your hair is in the best shape possible, you should visit your salon about every 4 to 5 weeks for a trim.

The styling options really are endless with a Pob haircut.




You can opt to wear your hair sleek and straight with a lot of flip to the ends if desired. Or, you could go funky with curl and wave applied all over your head. A formal event will not damper your new look in the least, your Pod can be styled up or down to take you wherever you need to go with ease.

The New Pob Hairstyle
Classic Bob Hairstyles Is Now The Trendy New Pob


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