Classic Baby Footprint Poems

These classic Baby footprint poems by Edger Allen Guest, The First Steps and Baby Feet are perfect for using as baby poetry to help you capture the moment your baby took those first steps. These classic poems are longer in length so will be more suited for baby books and scrapbooks.

Adorable Baby Feet

Either of these poems would be beautiful for your wall with your baby's footprints and birth information below the poem. The poem First Steps would be perfect for a baby boy and Baby Feet for your baby girl.

The First Steps

Last night I held my arms to you 

And you held yours to mine 

And started out to march to me 

As any soldier fine. 

You lifted up your little feet 

And laughingly advanced;

And I stood there and gazed upon 

Your first wee steps, entranced.

You gooed and gurgled as you came 

Without a sign of fear;

As though you knew, your journey o'er, 

I'd greet you with a cheer. 

And, what is more, you seemed to know, 

Although you are so small, 

That I was there, with eager arms, 

To save you from a fall.

Three tiny steps you took, and then, 

Disaster and dismay! Your overconfidence had led 

Your little feet astray. 

You did not see what we could see 

Nor fear what us alarms;

You stumbled, but ere you could fall 

I caught you in my arms.

You little tyke, in days to come 

You'll bravely walk alone, 

And you may have to wander paths 

Where dangers lurk unknown. 

And, Oh, I pray that then, as now, 

When accidents befall 

You'll still remember that I'm near 

To save you from a fall. 

Edgar Allen Guest

Baby Feet

Tell me, what is half so sweet 

As a baby's tiny feet, 

Pink and dainty as can be, 

Like a coral from the sea?

Talk of jewels strung in rows, 

Gaze upon those little toes, 

Fairer than a diadem, 

With the mother kissing them!

It is morning and she lies 

Uttering her happy cries, 

While her little hands reach out 

For the feet that fly about. 

Then I go to her and blow 

Laughter out of every toe;

Hold her high and let her place 

Tiny footprints on my face.

Little feet that do not know 

Where the winding roadways go, 

Little feet that never tire, 

Feel the stones or trudge the mire, 

Still too pink and still too small 

To do anything but crawl, 

Thinking all their wanderings fair, 

Filled with wonders everywhere.

Little feet, so rich with charm, 

May you never come to harm. 

As I bend and proudly blow 

Laughter out of every toe, 

This pray, that God above 

Shall protect you with His love, 

And shall guide those little feet 

Safely down life's broader street. 

Edgar Allen Guest

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