Chignon Bun Hairstyle Gallery

Our Chignon bun hairstyle gallery will give you ideas to style and fashion the chignon buns to suit your need and your occasion.

Chignon buns can be easily styled for formal, messy, prom, and bridal looks. The modern chignon bun is a look that becomes any hairstyle need.

Wear to work when you need a polished and clean look remembering that subtly in it is and art and understated is the first choice for class.

big textured chignon bun

Style A Big Textured Chignon Bun

Your artistic flair can be let loose for casual social occasions, choosing chignon buns that are messy and loose with a sexy edge.

long messy chignon bun hairstyle

Style A Long And Messy Chignon Bun

Leave long strands at sides and pull a few from the bun to look as if they "accidentally" happened.

low formal chignon bun

Style A Low Formal Chignon Bun

For more formal evenings, the chignon is beautiful complimenting a dress or gown cut low in the back.

If your hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail low at the back, it is long enough to style a chignon bun.

retro chignon bun hairstyle

Style A Retro Chignon Bun

formal chignon hairstyles

Accessories For Chignon Buns

Nothing becomes a hairstyle quite like the perfect hair accessories, and the chignon bun is no exception.

You can find some of the prettiest items for hair accessorizing in the notions departments of large fabric stores.

Look for rolls of pearls, sequins, and flowers, or choose pretty ribbons or lace that can be tied or simply pinned into place.

These are sold by the yard or meter so you can have cut exactly the lengths you will need.

Styling Shorter Hair Into A Chignon

If you only have the shortest ponytail, cover with a larger hair accessory or a hair snood, and you will have the chignon look.

More Chignon Bun Styling Ideas

double bun chignon hairstyle

Style A Double Bun Chignon

modern side chignon bun hairstyle

Style A Modern Side Chignon Bun

top braided bun chignon hairstyle

Style A Top Chignon Bun With Thin Braids

funky top chignon bun hairstyle

Style A Chignon Bun Just A Little Funky

Chignon Bun Hairstyle Gallery

In this gallery you will see Chignons featured with full or side bangs, styled with braids or large curls. Be inspired to create your own perfect chignon bun.

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Chignon Bun Hairstyle Gallery
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Chignon Bun Hairstyles Gallery