Charlize Therons Shoulder Length Bob

charlizzzzzzze therons medium length bobSouth African movie star Charlize Theron continually stuns the world with her glamorous hairstyles. Charlize has worn her locks in a variety of styles and various lengths throughout the years.












She always opts for hairstyles that showcase her beautiful features and compliment her hair type. Although she has experimented with hair color, Charlize typically colors her locks in hues of warm blonde. She has been pictured with both long and short hairstyles, although generally Charlize’s hair is worn at a medium length.

As with numerous other celebrity women, Charlize has discovered the beauty of a great Bob haircut. Charlize puts her own individuality into her Bob hairstyle, which is something everyone should do. A great Bob haircut can be modified to suit your individual hair type and facial features. Charlize’s Bob hairstyle works best on hair that is straight or contains a loose wave.

Charlize’s shoulder length Bob was cut with an off center part and the hair is shorter around the face to call attention to her stunning high cheekbones. Her bangs have been cut to gently brush her brows. The Bob haircut that Charlize has is virtually wash and wear. It can be dressed up for formal events or is just as lovely if you need to shampoo and be out the door at a moment’s notice.


Charlize Therons Shoulder Length Bob Styling Steps


Style Steps Comb a dollop of mousse through damp, towel dried hair
Style Steps Blow dry your locks using a large paddle brush to relax waves
Style StepsIf desired, scrunch your hair with your fingers while drying to promote waves.
Style Steps When dry rub a small amount of styling pomade in your hands and gently smooth over your hair for shine and control.
Style Steps Lightly mist with hairspray for hold.



Charlize Therons Shoulder Length Bob

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