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Celebrity Teen Girls Long Straight Hairstyles Gallery

Rachel Bilson

The favorite length for most teenage girls, including celebrity teens is long hair. These celebrity teens know all the secrets to keep their hair looking it's best.

No matter how these girls style their long tresses, long and straight, in up dos, ponytails, or half up half down their hair is always incredibly shiny.

You will not have every great new hair product delivered to you for testing or endorsing like these girls do, but their are lots of home tricks you can do to get your long hair celebrity shiny.

Your first hair tip for shiny hair starts when you shampoo your hair, in the final rinse slowly turn the hot water down until you are rinsing your hair and scalp with the water as cold as you can bear.

It may take a few weeks to build up to all cold, but you will be rewarded.

The cold water closes the cuticle of each hair strand leaving your hair sleek, smooth, and shiny. You will also find this refreshing and a great way to boost circulation and get you going in the mornings.

Your next tip is for blow drying, always point the nozzle of your blow dryer downward on the section of hair you are drying, this also smoothes the cuticle and eliminates frizzies.

You can add a little Hollywood glamour to your hair for special nights out. Take your styling gel and put the usual amount of product you use in your hand, now add just a little bit of your shimmering powder.

Fair haired girls will want to use a shear or nude body powder, while the girls with the darker tresses can use a bronzing powder. Mix well and apply to your hair while wet, then style as usual and your hair is ready for a great night out.



Celebrity Teen Girls Long Straight Hairstyles Gallery

Celebrity Teen Girls In This Gallery:
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Celebrity Teen Girls Long Straight Hairstyles Gallery

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