Celebrity Makeup Charlize Theron

charlize theron makeup look

Charlize Theron is always the picture of glowing elegance whenever the paparazzi spots her. This beauty is always camera ready thanks to a great makeup look.

Make-up products available from Benefit are a marvelous choice for accenting your natural beauty or for totally redoing your look.

In this case, Charlize has gone for a semi-formal yet easy casual style with her cosmetics.

Charlize could be heading out to a Hollywood hot spot for dinner or catching a movie with the man in her life.

Either way, her cosmetic application makes her look smashing.

Women everywhere will enjoy creating a sensational look like Charlize easily with products available through Benefit.

Although she has had access to many professional make-up artists, Charlize knows that with the aid of a great line of cosmetics, you can do an amazing job on your face by yourself.

It is the products that you use not who applies them. Wide spaced eyes are the first thing you notice about her face. She wears her eye make-up to compliment them in a subtle yet dramatic way. She does not want her cosmetics to overwhelm her eyes, but rather to enhance them.

Celebrity Makeup Charlize Theron
Charlize starts above her eyes with the brows. Start yours with Benefit High Brow available in either light to medium, or medium to dark, by sweeping along your brow with just one stroke, you can set and mange your brows.

Follow the line of your brow with this brush on gel finish and you will be left with gorgeous brows in a matte finish.

Late nights on the set of her latest movie do not effect Charlize in the least. Thanks to high brow you can hide your late nights out and bring bring a youthful look to your brows. All Benefit makeup products mentioned in this article are available here.

This is an instant lift in a stick. Your brows will appear young and seductive thanks to this matte soft pink cream pencil. Simply pencil on a thin line right under your brow. Blend only slightly allowing some of the soft pink shade to remain.

To achieve Charlize's smoky eyes choose Benefit's smoky kohl eye pencil in sultry sable. Apply a light line and using the sponge tip to slightly smudge. Combine with BADgal lash in a sleek dark black, for stunning eyes.

Last, but defiantly not least, Charlize smoothes on a light dusting of powder eye shadow. Available in a range of colors, you can coordinate your Benefit eye shadows with anything you are wearing. You can create looks from innocent and lovely to flirty and fun.

Get Charlize’s beautiful honey touched glow courtesy of Dallas. A dusting of color along your cheeks, forehead and chin will give your skin a radiant shimmer like Charlize’s.

Because there is always someone wanting to talk to her, Charlize makes certain her lips are full of shimmering perfection before stepping out the door.

Start with hey sailor lip plumping pencil. This neutral shade will bring eye catching kissable attention to your mouth. Finish with Benefit Lipsticks in your preferred shade. Benefit features 42 shades for you to find your perfect ones.


Charlize Theron's Hairstyles

Charlize Theron's Shoulder Length Bob
Charlize’s shoulder length Bob was cut with an off center part and the hair is shorter around the face to call attention to her stunning high cheekbones. Her bangs have been cut to gently brush her brows.
Charlize Therons Shoulder Length Bob

Charlize Theron's Elfin Hairstyle
There are so many wonderful words one can say about Charlize Theron’s elfin haircut. The two that stand out the most however are cute and elegant.
Elfin Haircuts

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Celebrity Makeup Charlize Theron

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Celebrity Makeup Charlize Theron

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