Celebrity Hairstyles Reba McEntire

reba mcentires shoulder length hairstyleReba McEntire is just as famous for her glorious flame colored hair and styles as she is for her singing and acting. Reba's signature hair color is perfect for her skin tone and that is always very important to remember when picking a shade for your tresses.












Although Reba’s hairstyles have changed and varied through the years, her hair color has always complimented her style.Her hair color always remains a glorious shade of red even though she at times changes the hue slightly.

For many years Reba wore her hair long and full. When she updated her look a few years ago and cut her locks short, everyone took notice.

Her hairstyles always suit her face shape perfectly and are trendy and fresh, yet classic and sophisticated. Reba decided to grow out her hair and in the process of going from short to longer had a few transitional hairstyles. Each one looked fabulous and worked well with her signature hair color. Reba’s most recent hairstyle is shoulder length with layers and bangs.

This style is wonderful and with only a few minor adjustments can take her perfectly from the mom she plays on television to the superstar she is in her real life.

Having this hairstyle for yourself could not be easier and although it will work on almost any hair type, it does work best on hair that has a loose curl or wave.

If your hair is straight, after you blow dry, use either a curling iron or hot rollers. Another option would be to get a soft body wave permanent, as this will give you even more styling options.

First of all, visit your salon and ask for a contoured shaped to fit " layered style cut".

You are looking for a cut that flatters the size and shape of your face and head as well as flattering your natural wave and growth patterns.

With only a few alterations to determine the ideal length and shape this is a cut that almost styles itself. All this wash and wear look needs to be fabulous is a combing or a fast blow dry.

Celebrity Hairstyles Reba McEntire
How To Style

If your day is rushed and you need to be put together in a hurry
List Icon Comb a small amount of mousse through damp hair
List Icon Brush hair into the desired position Blow dry all of the hair, just the bangs, or leave it as is If you are wanting to style your tresses for a night on the town -
List Icon Comb hair into place Blow drying to create volume Section hair and curl with a curling iron or hot rollers through the crown or front.
List Icon Mist with hair spray


reba mcentire medium layered hair style

Celebrity Hairstyles Reba McEntire

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