Celebrity Hairstyles Jennifer Aniston With Short Hair

Many people were shocked when superstar Jennifer Aniston cut off her long trademark locks.

However surprised everyone may have been, there was no denying that she looked just as wonderful in her funky new style as she did before.

Jennifer Aniston Short Flipped Hairstyle

With her beautiful oval face shape and natural wavy hair, Jennifer can wear almost any hairstyle with ease.

Jennifer’s hair is quite thick and has a lot of natural wave. Along with the style of her hair, the color changes frequently although the difference is often subtle.

Typically her base color is often a shade of light caramel with plenty of soft blonde highlights framing her face.

The New Style

Jennifer had her long hairstyle sheared into a trendy shaggy bob that suited her to perfection. Her hair was custom cut and layered into a style that compliments her naturally wavy hair.

Jennifer Aniston was seen sporting a far different look before her fame on the sitcom Friends. Her dark auburn locks were long and heavy and she opted to wear it almost one length.

She did have a few longer layers throughout to create volume and her bangs were styled in a slight fringe. Jennifer knows what works best on her hair type and the hairstyles that flatter her most.

No matter what length her hair currently is, she sticks to some basic steps for the most part that always leave her shining.

Most of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles feature layers throughout. This adds body and creates volume allowing her a number of styling options.

Straight Or Natural

At times, she favors a sleek Sedu look. Other days however, she opts to work with her natural waves for a tousled carefree style.  

Whether your hair is naturally wavy like Jennifer’s or super straight, you can still follow the steps below to give yourself a fabulous soft and wavy hairstyle like Jennifer’s.

Start by visiting your salon and asking for a long layered silhouette cut. This will provide lift for your locks. Layering around the face will accent your eyes as well as soften your facial features.

Begin by shampooing and you can opt to use a leave in conditioner afterwards, to maximize the benefits of the conditioner, comb it through from the mid-shaft to the very ends of your hair.

Jennifer Aniston Shoulder Length Bob

Styling The Wavy Bob

Jennifer Aniston Wavy Bob
  • Using your fingers, run a dab of volumizing cream through your tresses from the roots to the ends
  • Starting at the nape, part your hair into three separate sections
  • Using a medium sized round brush, blow-dry hair in an up and out motion from your scalp
  • Make certain that every section is completely dry before you move on
  • To achieve soft waves, use a large barrel curling iron
  • Divide hair into large sections and curl softly keeping the iron at least three inches from the scalp will provide you with gentle, loose waves
  • Once curled, finger comb your hair and place waves where you want them
  • Spray lightly with a soft hold hair spray

Rare Jennifer Aniston Pics

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles

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