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Just like fashion, hairstyle trends change with each passing season, year and decade. Through the years we have seen many hairstyles come and go, however a large number of the popular hairstyles pop up again in a different time with a modern twist.

Angelina Jolie In Hair Rollers

This is due in a large part to celebrities. The style and glamour of Hollywood captivate people. If a trendy celebrity is wearing a new hot hairstyle, you can be sure that before long, salons all over the world will be cutting our locks into the same style.

Emulating celebrity hairstyles is just as popular today as it ever was. Many big name stars find their tresses copied by women all over the world.

Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez's have the most imitated hairstyles of today.Jennifer Aniston and her Sedu hairstyles are always trendy and hip.

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Emulating celebrity hairstyles is just as popular today as it ever was. Many big name stars find their tresses copied by women all over the world. Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez's have the most imitated hairstyles of today. Jennifer Aniston and her Sedu hairstyles are always trendy and hip.

Often what is old is new again with a modern twist to reflect personality. Today’s woman are also opting to wear longer looks, reminiscent of the Farrah style of the 1980’s but cut slightly shorter.

Madonna, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have all been spotted wearing this updated-feathered hairdo. Victoria Beckham has brought the bob back to the fashion forefront with a twist and this look has a new name to go along with its updated style the Pob.

Singing sensation Christina Aguilera has been spotted with the same bleached blonde hair with the very same pin curls that Marilyn Monroe once made a chic must have hairstyle.
Not every celebrity hairstyle will work for you. Visit your salon and talk to your stylist about finding a haircut that will work well with your hair type, face shape and personality

History Of Celebrity Hairstyles

Louise Brooks celebrity bob hairstyle 1920

Since the vintage hairstyles of the 1920’s which saw silent film stars with their locks cropped into the first bob haircuts, all the way to the fashionable, updated Pob’s of today; celebrity hairstyle’s greatly influence how we wear our hair.

Louise Brooks is widely regarded as the first woman to spot the bob haircut. The 1920’s silent screen beauty’s new-cropped hairstyle quickly became all the rage for women and to this day is one of the most popular hairstyles ever to be seen.

The bob as worn by Louise and many other women was cropped to above chin length and angled down to touch the cheeks. The short, blunt bangs were an advantage for hiding high foreheads and emphasizing facial features.


Gretta Garbo

In the 1930's young women were often seen still sporting the ever-popular bob haircut. Pageboy bob haircuts with the ends rolled under became very trendy in the 1930’s. Almost all hairstyles worn by women during this decade involved some type of curling implemented into the look.

To hold their style all evening long, women used what was known as setting lotion, the modern equivalent of which would be mousse or gel.

Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn were two of the most popular female stars of that time. Women everywhere were captivated by their hairstyles and strove to emulate the way they wore their tresses.

Both of these beautiful women favored shoulder length hair falling in gentle waves. Often, the loose curls of those days were achieved through finger waves

The 1940’s saw some women wearing sexy longer hairstyles such as that worn by legendary actresses like Veronica Lake. She is well remembered for the famous style where her blonde locks fell across her forehead, completely hiding one eye.

Many women of this decade also opted to become blondes, which was not always a good idea for their hair. The bleaches of that decade were very harsh, and consisted of 20-volume peroxide mixed with ammonia. Their hair was often left in a very poor condition.

A popular style for women who were heading out for the evening in the 1940's is still an elegant alternative for the women of today.  

Style Steps

Create a part in your hair horizontally across the back of the head and about two inches above the ears.
Pull hair onto top of head and secure with a coated elastic band.
Begin twisting the hair.
Above the forehead, lift the hair and push the section forward to create a roll.
Lift the roll and gently push the tail of the twist under the roll.
Secure the hair in place by pinning.
Cover the pins with a hair ornament.

The remaining hair can be twisted into a braided knot on the nape of the neck if length permits. If hair is shorter, the bottom can be curled using the pin curl method.


The early 1950’s saw the ponytail as an easy way to wear your hair; this however graduated to the French pleat. By the end of the decade, many women were wearing their locks teased into intricate beehive styles

As always, women also wore their hair in the same styles as the popular celebrities of the decade. Hair curled into permanent wave styles such as those worn by Elizabeth Taylor were favored by many women.
One of the most famous female faces gracing the big screen in the 1950’s was that of Marilyn Monroe. Women everywhere strove to wear their hair in the same sultry style as this legendary beauty. Luckily, this look just appears to take hours in front of a mirror and is actually very easy for you to do by yourself.

Style Steps
Lightly spray a gel onto dry hair.
Use a curling iron to curl small sections of hair
Twist, and pin each twist with clips.
Let the curls set for at least an hour.
Remove pins, shake out your curls and place them as desired with your fingers
Lightly mist with hairspray for hold.


Mary Tyler Moore brought the flip to the front of the hair fashion lines in the 1960’s. As with many other hairstyles, the flip has been modernized and is sported by many women today. The flip of the 1960’s was typically part of a sprayed and teased bouffant. The new and trendy flip is accompanied by soft and sleek hair.
The reason why this classic hairstyle is still so popular today is that it is both flattering and ageless. Women of any age with almost any face shape and hair type can wear a flip with ease.

Actresses in there 40’s such as Jody Foster have been photographed in a sophisticated flip as has 20 something starlet Jessica Alba in her trendy young flip.The typical flip that suits almost anyone ends somewhere between the chin and the ears.
Flips are simple to create with a curling iron, hot air brush or a few hot rollers rolled upward to create the flip. If you want a looser flip add larger curlers or a large barrel curling iron. For a tighter flip use small to medium curlers or curling irons

The 1970’s saw women wearing their hair in a large variety of styles. Some of the popular hair trends of the time were- long and straight shag haircuts, natural afros, up-do's with spiral tendrils, and wigs and hairpieces.

The typical hairstyle trend was to have flicks of some sort especially on the bangs or sides.
By the mid 1970's women were often wearing hairstyles that were based on blow drying the hair into specific flicked positions that originated from a center part.
Possibly the most copied hairstyle of the 1970’s was the one worn by ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Farrah Fawcett. Her hair was rough cut, layered and feathered. Women all over the globe emulated her trendy style and the influence of this look can still be seen today.

The most popular celebrity hairstyle of the 1980's was that of perky actress Meg Ryan. Her tousled, layered hair, which showed off her natural wave, was copied by many women. This fabulous short, shaggy look is ideal for many reasons.

It’s funky and fun while being easy to care for. It can be dressed up or down and is almost virtually wash and wear.
Meg’s hairstyle is just as fashionable today as it was then. To get this hip hairstyle for yourself, ask your stylist for a contoured shaped to fit style cut with long brow brushing bangs and off centered part. A fringe that frames your face can be added to enhance or soften facial features.

Style Steps
If hair is wavy-curly type, comb a dab of straightening balm like Oscar Blandi Pure Straight through damp hair.
Section hair and blow-dry
When dry, work a puff of mousse such as Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Mousse through hair with your fingers for a textured effect.
On already straight hair, comb a dab of mousse through damp hair and blow dry for volume.
Curl with large barrel styling iron to smooth and bend ends over.
Complete this look by adding a zigzag part
Mist with a spray such as Clinique Non-Aerosol Hairspray for hold.

The 1980’s also saw a wide range of other hairstyles being worn by women; there seemed to be something to suit any personality type and style. Short and asymmetrical, long and full, punk, and permed were among many of the hairstyles available.

Celebrity Makeup

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce is ready to head out on the town and she has never looked better. Thanks to the cosmetics at Benefit, you can create a look for your face that is as stylish and elegant as Beyonce’s for your next formal event.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron is always the picture of glowing elegance whenever the paparazzi spots her. This beauty is always camera ready thanks to a great makeup look.

Gwen Stefani Makeup Tricks
Gwen Stefani always looks dramatic and edgy. Creating a look like Gwen’s that is flirty and fabulous is a breeze with cosmetics by Benefit.

Hillary Duff Makeup Style
Hilary’s skin positively glows; you too can have radiant skin. With Hoola by Benefit, you will have a natural bronze look. You will look as if you've spent hours lounging in the sun. Dust this product gently across cheeks, chin and forehead to create a soft, tanned appearance.

Jennifer Aniston Makeup Secrets
Television and movie star Jennifer Aniston always looks amazing. Her cosmetics are applied to perfection every time she is photographed. You can copy Jennifer’s stunning make-up looks and create a beautiful style for your face

Lindsay Lohan Hot Make Up
Lindsay Lohan is one of Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities. The world watches Lindsay’s every move so her make-up must always be perfect.

Lohan Sisters Makeup
Celebrity Makeup Artist Tasha Reiko Brown has a makeup session with Ali and Lindsay Lohan, see how she deals with their fair skin and freckles

Mischa Barton's Makeup Look
Mischa Barton always looks elegant and classy when she has a Hollywood event to attend in the evening. A regal, glamorous look like Mischa’s can be yours when you head out after dark

Teri Hatcher Makeup Tips
The casual chic look that Teri Hatcher sports can be yours with cosmetics from Benefit. Teri looks delightfully put together, yet simplistic enough for an afternoon at the mall.


Adriana Karembeu
If you are looking for a sexy hairstyle for long hair, Adriana Karembeu's half back half down hairstyle is just risqué enough.

Alicia Moore
Alicia Moore pink and wild celebrity hairstyles Pink Alicia Moore uses color, short spiky bangs, layers for her unique look

Angelina Jolie's Formal Updo Hairstyle
A beautiful formal celebrity updo for Angelina Jolie, view front and side pictures of this full updo and try the styling steps at home.

Ashlee Simpson
The length of Ashlee Simpson's hair can range from short, medium, and long and with hair color of red, brown, blonde, and black all within one year. View gallery of Ashlee's changing styles and how to do Ashlee's short bob.

Ashley Tisdale's Side Ponytail
When Ashley has a formal event to attend, she tends to wear her locks in an elegantly chic hairstyle such as this stunning side ponytail. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards are an important event and Ashley Tisdale opted to wear her locks in a sophisticated yet retro hairstyle with a trendy updated twist, the results were simply smashing.

Avril Lavinge
Avril keeps her hair long, but adds color for her unique look. Try Avril Lavinge's pouf hairstyle and add hot pink color to ends or to pouf.


Bai Ling Hairstyles
This popular Asian beauty styles her mid length hair in a very edgy style with a boxy shape. The razor-ed ends of this style create a very hot look for Asian hair.

Bette Midler
A hairstyle that is both longer and smoother creates a more polished look for Bette.

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam
Our personal favorite is the tumbling barrel curls, which give Beyonce a look of old Hollywood glamour.

Blu Cantrell
This hairstyle article features Blu Cantrell's long hair styled in a layered feathered hairstyle from the 70's disco days.

Bonnie Raitts Hair
A hairstyle from the world of country singers, how to style Bonnie Raitts long wavy hairstyle with the intense red color. 

Brenda Strong
This Desperate Housewives wears her hair in a simple but very polished updo hairstyle.

Brittany Murphy
What is old often becomes new again but usually with a slightly different flair. This is completely evident in Brittany Murphy’s hairstyle. Brittany is wear her locks sculpted into a vintage look that has a delightful modern feel.

Britney Spears
This hairstyle gallery features pictures of Britney's changing hairstyles and hair cuts. Ranging from short, medium, sexy and long, curly and shag. Britney's hair is seen in various shades of blonde and pics of Britney in her cool hats.


Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz's Hairstyle is chic medium length waves, a style that is casual but elegant, wear with a little black dress for parties, dinner, dancing or clubbing in style.

Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve is over forty and keeping her classic long hair and elegance, Catherine Deneuve with a celebrity hairstyle that looks graceful in either long or short hairstyle

Charlize Theron's Shoulder Length Bob
Charlize’s shoulder length Bob was cut with an off center part and the hair is shorter around the face to call attention to her stunning high cheekbones. Her bangs have been cut to gently brush her brows.

Christina Aguilera's Hairstyles
See how to style Christina Aguilera's retro waves from the Golden Age of Hollywood. View Christina Aguilera pics in a slide show showing the range of her different hairstyles and hair colors.

Claudia Winkleman
Here is how to style Claudia Winkleman's medium length hairstyle with brow brushing bangs. Claudia's style has a professional look, nut still easy to style.


Demi Moore
It is not often Demi Moore is seen without her long hair, here, Demi is wearing a short bob that looks just great on her, see how to style this chic bob, Demi Moore style.

Dorothy Hammel
A women's hairstyle from the 1970's Dorothy Hamill's wedged bob, a 80 degrees wedge hairstyle like Dorothy's is popular and trendy again!

Drew Barrymoore
A hairstyle gallery of Drew Barrymore with short, medium, and long hairstyles. Featuring a sophisticated updo hairstyle and styling instructions and celebrity inspired prom dress by Faviana, inspired from the gown Drew wore to the 2007 Golden Globe Awards

Drew Barrymore Makeover
A new long sleek look and hairstyle makeover for Drew Barrymore. Soft wispy layers around the front frame her round face nicely and provide interest in what would normally be just a plain Jane hairstyle.

Beautiful honey tone highlights have been added to Drew's hair to add further texture. This style is a very good choice if you have a round face shape like Drew Barrymore's.


Eva Longoria Hairstyles
View pictures of Eva Longoria's glamorous up do hairstyle and her long celebrity gown for a red carpet look. You will find styling instructions for Eva's updo hairstyle and you can order her celebrity inspired gown.


Gwen Stefani Vintage 1940 Hairdo Styles
Gwen Stefani has perfected a combination of rock star cool balanced by pin-up girl beauty, create Gwen Stefani's vintage 1940 hairdos.


Helen Hunt's Hairstyles
For Helen Hunt a simple but classic medium length hairstyle works best for her fine hair. Interest is added with warm blonde highlights.


Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles Pictures
Jennifer knows what looks the best on her and typically sports Sedu hairstyles of varying length.

Jennifer Aniston Pics Pictures And Photos
Popular television and movie star Jennifer Aniston may have worn a variety of hairstyles through the years, but one thing each style has in common is that she always looks fabulous.

Jennifer Aniston With Short Hair
Jennifer Aniston went from long to a very trendy shaggy bob and the funky new style suited her perfectly.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles
A classic and elegant look is created for celebrity Jessica Alba with her long hair cut into layers to define curl and waves.Picture Jessica Alba's hairstyle and how to style instructions.

Jennifer Lopez Long Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez Plays A Long Curly Hairstyle Jennifer Lopez wears a celebrity hairstyle full of long loose curls, use these pictures and styling steps to create Jennifer Lopez sexy curls.

Jennifer Lopez Chignon Hairstyle
The chignon is a timeless hairstyle that always looks elegant and wonderful. Mega celebrity Jennifer Lopez finds herself attending many formal events. For these occasions Jennifer will often slick her tresses back into a classic chignon. The chignon is a simplistic yet beautifully elegant hairstyle that is so becoming to Jennifer’s facial features.

Jennifer Lopez Shoulder Length Bob
Jennifer Lopez Wears The Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez seems to wear any celebrity hairstyle, see how great her new shoulder length bob looks in this picture.

Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyle
The 2006 Oscar Awards saw Jennifer Lopez wearing this classic updo hairstyle, see the back view of this style and how you can create it at home. 

Jennifer Lopez Messy Updos
Jennifer Lopez Great In Wild And Messy Updos, a fun celebrity hairstyle is a wild and messy updo, yet one more style, J Lo looks great in.

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles
Jessica was blessed with an oval face shape meaning that she can wear basically any hairstyle that she chooses, in this long hairstyle, Jessica wear deep waves similar to Hollywood's Veronica Lake.

Jessica Simpsons Four Hottest Hairstyles
Jessica Simpsons hottest hairstyles are her bob, updo, curls, and a smooth off the face style, Jessica Simpson is a celebrity with a wardrobe of hairstyles.

Jessica Simpson Up On Latest Hairstyle Trends
Young women all over the globe copy her latest looks. Jessica is always up on the latest hairstyle trends and adds her own unique stamp to every hairstyle.

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions
Thinking Of Getting Hair Extensions? Try Ken Paves clip on hair extensions, seamless and in synthetic and human hair. Create a Jessica Simpson hair do in minutes. Also the Jessica Simpson fringe and bang hair extension.

Julia Roberts Hairstyles
View the hairstyles of beautiful actress Julia Roberts in this hairstyle gallery, and style Julia's long curly hairstyle.


Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth hairstyles that are pulled back and off the face really define the "wow factor” when it comes to appeal, glamour, and setting trends for other women.

Kate Moss
Super model Kate Moss is not only watched for fashion, Kate Moss's hairstyles are a favorite to copy. Try this new medium length hairstyle with full bangs that Kate is now sporting. View Kate Moss photos of other Kate Moss styles.

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle
How to style Katie Holmes bob, a short medium length bob with bangs. Pictures of Katie Cruise with hubby Tom.

Kelly Clarkson's Hairstyle
American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has changed her hairstyles dramatically in the few short years since she has taken the singing world by storm. Kelly loves to experiment with length, colors and different styles on a regular basis.

Kelly Clarkson's Bob Hair Style
Kelly Clarkson is not just an American Idol for her singing talent, but also for her superior hairstyles. Kelly Clarkson made a very wise choice when she had her locks clipped into a sophisticated classic Bob hairstyle.

Kristen Cavallari Long Layered Hairstyle
Kristen Cavallari the beautiful young star of Laguna Beach knows how to make the most of her features. Her hairstyles are devised to showcase her stunning, wide-set eyes and to balance her long, narrow face shape.

Kym Ryder Marsh
The inverted Bob hairstyle that Kym sports is a classic style that can be easily modified to suit any face shape. Her Bob is a graduated or inverted cut that is tapered to be shorter at the nape of the neck and longer towards her face. Modifications can be made to the bangs, length and layers to showcase some features while hiding others.


Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyle
Lindsay often wears her locks in loose tumbling curls with a side-swept bang. Her hair contains an abundance of layers to promote body and wave. 

Lisa Butcher
This top model, dubbed Britain's English Rose is known for her beautiful long hair. Lisa has made changes in her style, going from the long to a short bob with a flirty flip.

Lisa Rinna's Hairstyle
A trademark hairstyle for Lisa Rinna is her layered short shag style. See how to style it.


Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore was fantastic and fun in American Dreamz, Mandy's returned to her roots as a blonde pop singer.

Mandy Moore Hairstyle
Style Mandy Moore's long layered bob hairstyle with full bangs.

Martina Mc Brides Hairstyle
Martina Mc Bride is every inch the country music superstar in her trademark choppy tresses. Although at one time Martina sported long locks, she realized years ago that spectacular short hairstyles suited her face shape and showcased her beautiful blue eyes the best.

Martine McCutcheon Hairstyle
See how to style an updo for thick wavy hair like Martine McCutcheon.

Meg Ryan Hairstyles
Style Meg Ryan's short curly bob hairstyle with these easy step by step how to.

Meg Ryan Haircuts
A Meg Ryan Hair Style Is A Great Part Of The Meg Ryan Picture. Meg Ryan has been seen in a wide variety of hairstyles through her high profile Hollywood career. She has worn her tresses long and sleek, in cascading curls and in short messy shags.

Meg Ryan Hair
Studio pictures of Meg Ryan with her styles and poses. The girl voted the cutest in high school still holds the tittle today.

Michelle Pfeiffer's Medium Length Hairstyle
Many women tend to cut their long or medium length hair to a shorter style as they get older, actress Michelle Pfeiffer has chosen to keep her fine hair to a medium long length and looks fantastic.

Mischa Barton's Hairstyle 
Mischa Barton was once a child fashion model before moving on to star in the hit television series The O.C and has now moved on to the life of a young movie star. Through all of these transitions, Mischa has maintained beautiful hairstyles.

Mischa Barton's Simple Chignon Hairstyle
Mischa Barton knows the secret of pairing an elaborate gown or dress with a simple hairstyle, a simple chignon is her usual choice.


Natalie Portman's Hairstyle
Stunning young actress Natalie Portman always wears hairstyles that fully flatter her hair type and facial features. Natalie starts with a cut that has lengthy layers and long, sweeping bangs. Styling this medium length hairstyle is very simplistic.

Nicole Ritchie's Hairstyle
Reality television star Nicole Ritchie has evolved her hairstyle fashions greatly over the past few years. Gone are the super-long multi-colored hair extensions and rock star styles. See the style Nicole Ritchie is wearing now.

Nigella Lawson Hairstyle
Nigella, known as Nigella Lawson Goddess is beautiful with long natural waves.


Paige Davis
If a girl is to look great doing home makeovers she needs a hairstyle that is easy to style and keeps its shape. Paige Davis styles her thick hair in a layered wash and wear hairstyle.

Pamela Anderson's Sexy Waves
Pamela Anderson, sexy girl, sexy hair. View pictures of Pamela Anderson's long sexy hair in deep waves or curls and style up some sexy waves for yourself.

Paris Hilton
No matter how Paris Hilton wears her hair, Paris always looks hip and trendy. Paris Hilton's latest celebrity hair style a short messy bob hair style.


Rachel Zoe Hairstyle
Always a favorite celebrity look, Rachel Zoe's style is a long blond style with big curls. See how to style.

Reba McEntire Hairstyle
Reba McEntire famous for her glorious flame colored hair and styles as she is for her singing and acting. Reba's signature hair color and how to do her new short style. 


Sarah Harding Styles A Bob
Dynamic hairstyles from Girls Aloud Sarah Harding are popular celebrity hairstyles Sarah Harding's hairstyle is now a chic razor-ed sharp bob. Edgy, trendy and very sexy!

Sarah Harding's New Short Haircut
This Girls Aloud girl goes into Fall 2007 with a smart new short haircut that looks smashing.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Hairstyle 
Although there was a point in time that Sarah Jessica cut her locks into a medium length Bob, she typically wears her hair long. Her long blonde locks are ideal for showing off her tousled, carefree curls.

Sex And The City Hairstyles
The hairstyles from the cast of Sex And The City
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattral.

Shakira Hairstyles Gallery
Featuring Shakira in big wild curls with a hairstyle picture gallery of a range of Shakira's hairstyles over the years.

Sharon Stone Pixie Style
Is Your Celebrity Hairstyle Sharon Stones Pixie? Sharon Stone gives a very funky and edgy look to the short pixie hairstyle.

Sharon Stone Choppy And Messy Hair 
This short style for Sharon is cut with choppy layers and is styled on the messy side.

Suzanne Shaw's Long Hairstyle
Try the winner of Dancing With The Stars long layered hairstyle.


Tiffany Amber Thiessen's Hairstyle
Tiffany has changed her hairstyle and color many times over the years. One component most of her hairstyles contain however is layers. Tiffany knows that layers add depth and movement to your hairstyle and she makes the most of them.

Tyra Banks Long Bob Hairstyle
Tyra Banks latest hairstyle is a trendy long bob, find pictures, style tips, style steps to create a long bob like Tyra Banks.


Victoria Beckham Pixie
A look at Victoria Beckham's new pixie hairstyle, a pixie cut is usually on the cute side, but Victoria's new style is polished and chic, what else would one expect from the lady named Posh?

Victoria Beckham And Her New Posh Pob
Posh Pob by Victoria Beckham, The new Posh Pob is the hottest new trend in hairstyles by the trendsetter Posh Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Styling Posh Styling Pob
They don’t call her Posh Spice without reason, and the sexy, chic Victoria Beckham has proven herself to be quite a trend setter, with the newly christened "Pob” (or Posh’s bob), a striking asymmetrical short cut styled by Ben Greene.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Hairstyle
Vanessa Hudgens shows women everywhere that an updo is not always the fussy hairstyle of years past. A modern updo is easily as casual and carefree, as you want it to be.


Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder has grown a longer length than her usual short pixie hairstyles, view pictures of Winona Ryder's casual updo hairstyle.

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