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Beyonce is ready to head out on the town and she has never looked better. Thanks to the right cosmetics you can create a look for your face that is as stylish and elegant as Beyonce’s for your next formal event.

Celeb Looks Beyonce Knowles If you want your eyes to look dramatic like Beyonce’s for your special occasion, start with a sheer, shimmering powder in a fuchia pink color. You can use many of these beautiful eye colors wet or dry to create the look that you desire.

Paint your lids with a damp brush to form a solid finish. Choose a Royale eyeliner and edge your lids to frame your eyes for a sultry, after hours look.

Shimmer And Shine

When she attends formal Hollywood awards shows and events, Beyonce’s skin always shines. To create a shimmering look with your cosmetics, try a colored tint, this is an innovative product that will provide your cheeks and lips with a rose colored tint. It does not matter if you spend your night kissing cheeks or sipping fine wine, your color will last as long as you do.

Apply three little stripes across the apple of your cheek. Merge in a circular motion with your fingertips. Apply tint to your lips with a fresh q-tip so that even after your lipstick wears off you’re lips will remain rosy.

For skin and complexion that radiates a warm glow, apply a golden pink highlighter. Use your fingers over top of your makeup on your cheekbones, or you can combine it with your moisturizer and you will shine like Beyonce does.

It is not just her lyrics that make people take notice. When Beyonce sings, there is plenty of attention focused on her full lips. To create a luscious look for your lips like Beyonce’s, try using one of the high shine lip-gloss’s that are available in a wide range of colors to match your outfit or your mood, you’re sure to find a shade that appeals to you.
Enjoy, a celeb look like Beyonce Knowles

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Celeb Looks Beyonce Knowles

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