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Catherine Deneuve Celebrity Hairstyles

Catherine Deneuve, Over Forty And Keeping Classic Long Hair And Elegance

Through the years global super star Catherine Deneuve has worn her hair various ways. This classic beauty always looks elegant and sophisticated and her luscious locks are no exception.

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Many women over the age of forty opt to cut their hair and keep it short; Catherine however looks graceful in either long or short hair.

Years ago Catherine favored coloring her tresses a light blonde.

As she has aged, her hair color has changed to reflect her maturity.

Today, her hair is typically a darker blonde often with highlights added that provides warmth and depth.

Her locks are sleek and styled into a long, layered timeless look that enhances her beauty.

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Many women over the age of forty opt to cut their hair and keep it short; Catherine however looks graceful in either long or short hair. Catherine Deneuve is very aware that sometimes less is so much more. Her look is one of simplistic loveliness that is pure sultry femininity. She wears her hair in a classic style that perfectly suits her face shape and hair type.


An Elegant Sophisticated Hairstyle

Catherine Deneuve HairstyleCatherine’s hairstyle is very easy to emulate and although it is the picture of coiffed perfection, it is rather easy to maintain. If you are seeking an elegant, sophisticated hairstyle that is very easy to wear, Catherine’s style may be just what you’re looking for.

Although this hairstyle does work best if your hair has a loose wave, it can be modified to suit almost any face shapes and hair types. This style is a compliment to faces with large or sharp facial features, as the cut will provide you with balance

Start by visiting your salon and asking your stylist for a shoulder length bob complete with soft tapered ends.

The front should be cut to just under the jaw and tapered back slightly over the collarbone. The hair is parted and combed off to the side to create a soft dip wave effect.

Catherine Deneuve Celebrity Hairstyle ~ Styling Steps

List Icon Apply a dab of gel mousse for style support
List Icon Clip the top of your hair up and blow dry the length
List Icon Followed with the top section using a large round styling brush or curl with large barrel curling iron
List Icon You can opt to set your hair with electric rollers instead if desired
List Icon When cool, gently brush your hair out
List Icon To hold your style in place, tease the crown

List Icon Mist with a hairspray such for hold


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If your hair is curly, apply a styling straightening balm through damp hair and then blow dry.
When your hair is dry, use a large barrel styling iron to create the hairstyle.

Catherine's color is a two step process that involves lightening the locks first with oil bleach and then a color is added after.It is advisable to visit your stylist to copy Catherine’s hair color.

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Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve Celebrity Hairstyles

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