Caring For Delicate Eye Skin

Caring for delicate eye skin needs to start now. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the skin surrounding them must be the window treatments. 

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Mini-blinds or dramatic drapes, it’s important to keep the fragile skin around your eyes just as sparkly fresh as your eyes themselves. That sensitive eye skin requires special care, and read on to find out some of the ways you can pamper those peepers. Eye skin is very delicate, and needs to be handled with care.  

I can’t help but wince every time I see a woman tugging the skin on her eyelid to the side when she applies eyeliner. Yeouch!  Try lifting from just under the arch of your eyebrow.

You’ll get the same close-to-lashes angle as the tug gets you, but without the strain on your poor eyelids. Use actual eye makeup remover to clean off your eye makeup at the end of each day. It is designed to be more gentle, and will also get even stubborn mascara off without harmful rubbing and scrubbing. 

Start Caring For Delicate Eye Skin

I’m giving you permission to splurge on the can’t-afford-them-but-have-to-have-‘em designer sunglasses.  Wearing shades can help save both your eyes and the skin around them. The shield will help keep you from squinting out the sun, as well as keeping harmful sunrays from attacking.  

The sun both hardens and wrinkles skin, as well as darkening dark circles and causing age spots. No, thank you! But don’t get those reverse raccoon eyes – sunscreen all over, please! Make sure you get plenty of sleep (six to eight hours a night) and consider this: Puffiness around the eyes is sometimes caused by fluid collecting around the eye area, from allergies or sinus issues. 

Puffy Eyes

If puffiness is your problem, try adding another pillow under your head at bedtime and the fluid will have less opportunity to accumulate. If you are an allergy sufferer, resist the urge to rub the itch out of those eyes, and opt for hydrating eye drops instead.  

Invest in a good eye cream. There are some products out there that can yield pretty amazing results. Many eye care products are fairly pricey, but any regular user will usually admit that they are worth every penny.  

Apply once or twice a day, with your ring finger only (it’s the weakest finger and least likely to do damage) all around the eye area and lid.  Keep your eye cream in the fridge for an extra revitalizing boost.

You can treat your eye skin to something special with some goodies you've probably already got laying around the house. Next time you settle in to a girly movie and treatment mask, try the old standby of cucumber slices or tea bags over your eyes, and potatoes will help firm the skin.  

You can also dip cotton pads in cold milk and place them over the eyes to soothe. In an age where we spend so much of our time in front of computers, televisions, and freeways, it’s important for your skin as well as your soul to take time out and treat yourself to some pamper-time.

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Ways To Treat Puffy Eyes

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