Can Men Suffer From Cellulite

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mens celluliteCan cellulite happen to men? When we think of cellulite we often think of women who have given birth to children. Just take a look at any celebrity magazine and you will notice that they are always pointing out any celebrity with even the tiniest amount of cellulite – some with a lot.

It looks horrible! However, men can also suffer from cellulite and it is not pretty.

It is more rare in men than in women, but men can also have cellulite. Men usually have thicker skin that protects them from getting cellulite.

It can also be more difficult to physically see cellulite in men because of the way a man’s fat is stored underneath the skin.

On women, the fat is stored almost right underneath the skin, but on a man the fat is stored further under the skin making it harder to spot. While women tend to get cellulite on their legs and buttocks, men will usually get cellulite on their necks and abdomen.

Can Men Suffer From Cellulite
What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite shows up simply because the fat cells under the skin actually change their shape. It will then show up as dimples on the outside because the fat underneath is sort of being squeezed. It is common for both men and women to connect cellulite with being overweight.

However, you could be any body shape and still get cellulite. There are a wide variety of factors that go into getting cellulite.

Can Men Suffer From Cellulite
Here Are Some Risk Factors That Can Cause Cellulite In Men –

· Hormones
· Smoking
· Poor Blood Circulation
· Too Much Alcohol Intake
· Eating Rich Foods

Men do not tend to get cellulite because hormones play a big part in getting cellulite. Teenage girls and women who have gone through pregnancy will have hormone changes that can cause cellulite.

This is just another reason why men do not often see cellulite in their bodies, and why they don’t always get it. A man’s hormones are a lot more calm in their bodies than a woman’s hormones are. However, a boy going through puberty could also get cellulite because of the hormonal changes.

What Is A Man To Do With Cellulite?

Well, you can rest assured that you are definitely not alone. Many men suffer with cellulite. This is not just something that happens to women. It happens to men, too. If you have cellulite you are not alone.

If you want to combat your cellulite there are a variety of things you can do to help make it less noticeable. First, increase your water intake. You should also learn how to deal with stress as it comes along so you do not get too stressed.

There are many techniques that can help you deal with stress – meditation, yoga, etc. If you are a smoker you should start cutting down now and eventually quit smoking.

Smoking will only make it worse. You should also eat a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and grains. You should also be exercising on a regular basis – cardio and strength training.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle you are more likely to be a healthier person and even get rid of cellulite. It may take a few months for you to notice some results from this work.



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Can Men Suffer From Cellulite


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