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Caesar Haircut For Guys George Clooney Style

ceasar haircut george clooneyA Famous Caesar Haircut For Guys George Clooney Style

The Caesar is not only an incredibly low maintenance hairstyle, it is also ageless.

Young or old, casual or professional, the Caesar is the perfect haircut for guys.

The Caesar is an ideal haircut for almost any guy. The Caesar works well to compliment virtually any face shape and hair type.

Named after Julius Caesar, the Caesar haircut is usually short all over with the bangs pushed forward and upward.

This hair cut for guys incorporates layers that cut to about 1-2 inches all over the head.

A combination of gel and mousse is a terrific way to keep your Caesar cut in place all day without leaving it with a stiff, hard look. Another version of the Caesar cut is very similar in style, except that it is worn in messy spikes

This look is achieved by having the hair cut short and then gelling it all over. The shortness of the hair will allow you to create spikes easily. This is an excellent styling choice for younger guys as it is lighthearted and fun.

ceasar haircut george clooney

There is a longer adaptation of the Caesar cut known as the French Crop. This style contains longer bangs than your typical Caesar.

One of the main differences between the Caesar and the French Crop, is that the Caesar is cut to the same length all through the hair and the French Crop is typically worn with shorter sides and longer bangs or fringe.

The Caesar hair cut is also an ideal choice for men who are starting to loose their hair. It allows them another option than shaving their locks bald or wearing a typical buzz hairstyle.

One of the most famous men to wear the Caesar haircut in modern times is Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney.
To wear your hair in a Caesar cut like George’s, visit your stylist or barber and request a short, contoured cut. Your cut should be modified to fit your head shape and size. If desired, you can request slight volume throughout the top and along the sides.

With a Caesar hair cut, you have a number of styling options available. However, if you wish to style your Caesar like George’s, it will take you only a few moments each day.
Enjoy a Caesar Haircut, George Clooney Style.


Caesar Haircut For Guys George Clooney Style - Styling Steps


style steps With your fingers work a dollop of mousse through damp hair.
style steps Arrange with your fingers and allow to dry naturally.
If your hair is very fine, you can opt to blow-dry to create fullness.
style steps When your hair is fully dry, rub pomade between your palms and smooth over your hair.
This will allow your locks a more textured appearance.

caesar cut

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