Buzz Cuts A Great Haircut For Boys

Buzz cuts, a great hairstyle for boys who hate to comb their hair. Whether your child has problem hair that is not easy to control, or he just enjoys a no fuss hairstyle, the buzz cut is an ideal solution.

Active young boys will appreciate the fact that a buzz cut is a no fuss hairstyle. There is absolutely no styling involved in this look at all.

Every morning your child can simply roll out of bed and be ready to go. After a busy day of school, playing, sports and games, your boy's hairstyle will still look the same.

The buzz cut is ideal for any situation. Being that it is short and neat, this cut is just as ideal for casual situations as formal events. No longer will you spend any amount of time arguing with your boy over combing his hair.

side view boys buzz cut

Gone are the days where they fight the comb and protest the styling products. A simple shampoo in the shower is all the hairstyle needs to keep its look.

Achieving the buzz cut is as simple as a visit to your child's hair salon or barber. There are variations to the buzz cut. Your child's buzz cut can be accommodated in length to suit their preferences.

boys buzz hair cut

boys buzz cut

The Length Of A Buzz Cut

A buzz cut typically ranges from 1/4 of an inch in length all the way down to stubble. The stubble effect is reached by shearing the hair without having a guard on the clippers.

You can easily cut your boy's hair into a buzz cut at home with the proper cutting clippers. If you are not comfortable doing that, simply book an appointment with a barber or stylist.

A Classic Summer Haircut

Buzz cuts for boys are ideal for the long, hot, lazy days of summer. Forget sticky, sweaty locks becoming tangled while playing outdoors. The buzz cut will allow your child some cool freedom from the summer heat.

Your young boy can jump in the pool run through a sprinkler and spend hours playing in the sand without ever getting a hair out of place.

The longer the buzz cut is the more styling options your child will have. Some children and their parents prefer to have a longer guard used on the clippers so that they are still afforded some styling options.

back view boys buzz cut

For this young boy, a long guard was used and his bang area was left slightly longer. This will allow him to use a styling mousse to play with his hair if desired.

He could use the styling product to slightly spike up his fringe or to lightly tousle his shortly cropped locks. The buzz cut will always be one of the most ideal hairstyles for busy young boys on the go.

boys classic buzz cut

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Buzz Cuts A Great Haircut For Boys
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Buzz Cuts A Great Haircut For Boys