Breast Reduction For Men

This article will let you know all about the reasons for breast reduction for men. It is actually not that unusual for a man to have this surgery, or to even consider having a breast reduction done.

The reasons for men will probably not be the same as to why a woman would get a breast reduction, but it may still leave many of us confused and asking why a man would need or want to have their breasts reduced.

Various Reasons for Men's Breast Reduction

Obesity: Breast reduction for men can be chosen because of their weight problems. When men gain weight they also gain it in their breasts, and no man wants to be known as that guy with the man boobs.

Gynecomastia In Men

Gynecomastia is another reason for breast reduction for men, this is a condition in which a man's breast tissue is enlarged as hormonal changes are taking place inside the man's body.

This is not something that is new, it has been happening to men for years. It also has nothing to do with a man's weight, whether he may be overweight or not.

Gynecomastia is rapidly increasing and concerning every man who has it. This condition has shown that in men who have it their breast tissue is very similar to a woman's breast tissue.

This is why men with Gynecomastia have breasts that look very much like women's breasts.

This can be very embarrassing for the man who has it, and can cause a myriad of problems such as depression and low self-esteem. mens flat chest.

Maybe you are considering getting a breast reduction for another reason all together.

It does not matter whether you are choosing to get a breast reduction because of obesity or Gynecomastia (or if you are even considering this surgery), you need to know what takes place during the surgery and all of the risks that are involved.

This knowledge can help you choose whether or not a breast reduction surgery is right for you or not.

breast reduction for men

Before A Man's Breast Reduction Surgery

When you are seriously considering a breast reduction surgery you need to make an initial appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

This will help because you will be told all about what will go on during the surgery, how you will feel, and any risks that may be involved.

The plastic surgeon will consider your health, your age, and your medical history to see if you are a good candidate for the surgery.

You will also be asked to give up smoking until after you have recovered to reduce the risks.

Results will vary from man to man, although every man may like to look as our male model above it may not be the results you will have, do discuss with your surgeon realistic expectations.

After A Man's Breast Reduction Surgery

Just like anything else, this will take some time to heal. You will feel discomfort in your chest and will need to wear something that puts pressure on your chest to speed up the healing process.

You will need to take a few days off of work to heal. You will go back to see your surgeon in about two weeks to have the stitched taken out.

If you don't notice any results right away, this is normal. It can take up to three months or more to see the results from the surgery.

You will also need to keep your scars out of the sun for at least six months.

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Breast Reduction For Men
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Breast Reduction For Men