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brad pitt hairstylesBefore he was one half of the now infamous "Brangelina” duo, he was, well, one half of several other celebrity couples as well as a pretty talented and attractive face in Hollywood. 

Brad Pitt has become an actor that most men would like to have a beer with and many women would like to have a date with, and additionally has been setting hair trends for men around the world all the while.

Maybe like some of us, all you can remember from Brad’s appearance and Brad Pitts hairstyles in early films like "Thelma and Louise” is his well-muscled torso, but if you’d look a bit North, you’d see a rather clean cut, golden brown ‘do that you might find on any other devastatingly handsome newcomer to acting. 

Brad pitts hairstyles and his look have gone through several incarnations since then, everything from the super short buzzed cut to a long, scruffy uber bleached beach bum look, complete with days old chin stubble.

Check out his shagged out long on top style, moussed to the hilt with a splash of spikiness thrown in for good measure.  Or the bleached out, longer in front super stylized look he sported when he almost became Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow.  He even sexified the nearly corporate blow dry ‘do in "Seven.”

He wore a spiked, blondish cut when leading the "Fight Club,” and wore long, crazy layers for a bit while dating Jennifer Aniston. 

Brad Pitts hairstyles these days are a bit more uniform, his look has varying degrees of a short ‘do, worn spiky, with the top cut close or grown out a bit longer with more texture cut into it. 

To steal Brad’s spiky style, start by getting a close clipper cut that is slightly longer on top (for spiking).  Keep sideburns clean and medium length.  When hair is just damp from the shower, apply a dollop of a maximum hold styling gel (like ICE) and work it through, leaving it looking a little messy and undone. 

If spikes are a bit longer, try defining and defying gravity with the addition of a firm hold paste or clay after hair is dry.  Giving the ends a bit of a twist will add definition to each spike, and finish with a firm hold, matte finish hairspray. 

If you’re looking for a celeb-worthy style to disguise slightly thinning hair, bring your stylist a photo of Brad circa "Ocean’s Eleven,” where textured tresses add lift and volume.  If that’s your look, skip the gel and apply volumizing mousse to damp hair, and repeat as above with pastey product when hair is dry. 

In addition to trend-setting cut and style, Mr. Pitt also made it okay for regular guys to want a little highlight in their ‘do.  Frosted tips can be achieved with any number of guy friendly drugstore products, or even occur naturally with regular sun exposure, but in general, it’s always best to leave the coloring to the pros (or at least get your girlfriend to lend a hand). 

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