Beauty And The Bath

Bra Style For Every Need

Shopping for the perfect bra style can come close to matching the horror of bathing suit shopping. 

Shopping For Bras

Breasts can frequently change size, and manufacturers each have their own idea of what a 36 C looks like, so there are endless trips to the fitting room, and back and forth with UPS. 

While I can't give you the secret key to get you in the right bra styles straight out of the gate, here are some brassiere basics on design and types to arm yourself with before you head to the mall or the web for a new fashion bra.

Balconette or Shelf Bra Styles

Not entirely practical, these bras only cover about half of the breast, but do offer major lift and cleavage. Not much in the way of support, however.

Bralette Bra Styles

Ideal as a training bra, these bras resemble crop tops and half-shirts, and give minimal support for smaller breasts.

Convertible Bra Styles

What a concept! These bra type has detachable straps that can be mixed and matched to wear under strapless, one-shouldered, racerback, and halter style clothing. 

It is difficult, but not impossible to find designs that offer enough support for fuller figures, but petite to average-sized frames can convert away with these bra styles.

Demi-cup Bra Design

Sometimes also called half-cup bras, this bra design is cut just above the nipple, and can be worn with lower cut tops and dresses. 

This design give you nice cleavage, but may not be supportive enough for fuller-figured gals.

Full-cup Bra Style

Easily the most comfortable choice for larger breasts, a full coverage bra lends the maximum amount of support. 

Once upon a time, this bra design was the upper region's equivalent to "granny panties," but recently, many major lingerie manufacturers have been making beautiful, sexy, feminine styles for gals from C's to GG's.

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