Boys Long Shaggy Hairstyle

A haircut like this says that it is perfectly okay to get messy and have fun, which is something all young boys love! Every child enjoys a haircut that will allow them to play at the park or swing through the trees.

boys long shaggy style

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While every mother enjoys a hairstyle on their child that will keep them looking neat and fashionable.This boys haircut does both, leaving everyone happy!

The best part about a carefree, long haircut like this for a busy young boy is that the rumpled look is part of the style. Your boy can play as hard as he likes and still maintain style.

The extra long bangs in this hairstyle allow you a number of styling options. They can be brushed forward or carefully gelled to either side of the hair depending on your child’s mood.

This long haircut is perfect for the boy on the go. Its slightly messy, wind blown style is ideal for an afternoon on the soccer field or an active day of climbing trees.

All young boys will enjoy having a hairstyle that appears as fuss free and fun as they are. Not many hairstyles are as low maintenance and easy to care for as this one. The long layers throughout provide the hairstyle with body and movement while still keeping the locks trim and neat.

This style is cut so that is practically styles itself. What a perfect cut for the busy boy who does not have time to bother with maintaining a hairstyle. All you and your child will need to keep this fuss free hairstyle in top shape is a comb. Simply wash your boy’s locks, brush as desired and he is ready to head out for another day of adventure.

Even a special occasion can easily be met with this long carefree, shaggy boy’s cut. A small amount of styling product, perhaps a minute under the blow dryer and you and your child will be ready for your event. Unlike some hairstyles for young boys, your child can maintain this casual, long hairstyle all by himself.

This hairstyle is completely versatile as it makes use of long layers and can be styled in a variety of ways depending on your child’s mood. This cut is adaptable to almost all hair types and textures as well.

If the hairstyle this boy is sporting appears to be the ideal look for your busy young boy, a visit to the barber is in order.Ask your child’s stylist to cut his hair with long layers throughout. Bangs can be incorporated into this hairstyle with the sides cut as short as desired.

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