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Boys Hairstyles For Back To School, Short And Spikey

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Adrian Alonso boys hairstyles Boys Hairstyles For Back To School
Try Adrian Alonso's Short Spikey Boys Hairstyle

While your kids might be enjoying lazy summer days filled with surfing,
sunscreen and sleeping late, the truth is that back to school is just around the corner.

New clothes, school supplies, and hairstyles are on every moms list. This short boy’s haircut below is perfect for the back to school season, whether you're boys are getting ready for kindergarten or college.

Adrian Alonso has a terrific hairstyle for young boys.
This cut is short, neat and very easy to care for. With a short cut like Adrian Alonso’s, your young boy will always look great.
Even a child celebrity such as Adrian Alonso is still a young boy who is bound to play rough. The problem with a lot of short haircuts for boys is that they get messy very easily. This can make it tough to keep your boy looking neat.
However, if you find the right short haircut for your young boy, you can essentially let them wash their hair and go. Of course, if a formal event pops up, a few more minutes of styling will add that extra special touch that you are looking for.

The beauty of Adrian Alonso’s short haircut for boys is that your young man can go anywhere, anytime and look wonderful.

You can pick your child up from school and drop them off at the park and two hours later head for dinner and they will still have fabulous hair.
On most days a simple wash and finger combing will be more than sufficient to keep this hairstyle in perfect order. If however, there comes a time that you want a little something more, that can be easily obtained.

Boys Hairstyles For Back To School
Styling Steps
list icon Wash hair with products designed for hair type and condition.
list icon With your fingers distribute a dollop of gel or styling mouse throughout towel dried hair.
list icon Detangle hair using a wide toothcomb.

You can use your fingers to place the hair in the desired direction that you want it to go. Or, you can opt to blow dry slightly with a dryer set on low.

That is all it takes to add a special touch to Adrian Alonso’s short haircut for boys. There may even be a time that you and your child wish for a slightly funky look. To obtain that type of style on this short haircut, you basically repeat most of the styling steps above.
However, before drying or allowing to air dry, scrunch the hair with your fingers. This will add a slight amount of fun volume. The addition of the gel or styling mousse will ensure that your young boy’s hairstyle stays in place all day long no matter how much mischief that he finds to get into!
The Adrian Alonso short haircut for boys encompasses everything that both parents and young boys are looking for.


Boys Hairstyles For Back To School

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