Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

Short And Spiky, the perfect-cropped short haircut for teenage guys who lead an active life Pictures and photos of short spiky hairstyles and haircuts

Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts

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There are a wide range of classic short haircuts available for boys that never seem to go out of style. Not only are these short hairstyles stylish and practical, they are incredibly easy to maintain.

A short haircut is perfect; it allows young boys to spend very little time on their hair, yet leaves their hair looking neat and clean.

The buzz cut is a super-short style that is both trendy and very easy to achieve. With this hairstyle, all of the hair is sheared short with hair clippers.

The length of this haircut varies from 3/4 inch long all the way down to 1/8 inch in length.

Most boys would agree that the best part of this short haircut is that it requires little to no combing. As the buzz cut is very easy to do, many parents opt to purchase clippers and cut their child’s hair at home.

For the parents who do not wish to cut their boys hair quite that short, there is also the option of the ‘classic boy’s hairstyle.’

With this style, the hair is layered short on the top and tapered down on the sides and at the back of the head. The hair is cut around the ears and trimmed into the back of the neck. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts The Bowl Cut
The bowl cut’s name comes from its origins of placing a bowl on the head and then cutting the hair off that shows from under the bowl. This allows for hair of up to several inches in length on top and close cropped hair below the bowl line with no blend between the two lengths. The bowl line in this hairstyle is typically just above the ears.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts The Ceaser Cut
A Caesar cut is a fairly short haircut worn in the style of Julius Caesar. The hairstyle is layered to around 1 to 2 inches all over and the hair is then brushed forward to a short bang or fringe in the front. Clipper blades and attachments are used in this boys hairstyle to cut hair short.

The French crop haircut is very like the Caesar except that it is feathered in the front.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts The Fade
A fade, or temple fade hairstyle is a short tapered cut. With this boys hairstyle, the hair at the back and sides is tapered from zero length on the lower side up to about half an inch.

The hair can be worn short or slightly longer over the crown of the head. On the top of the head, the hair is usually longer, up to 2 to 3 inches and may be layered if desired.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts The Flattop

A style where the hair is cut so the top of the hair is cut into a flat surface is known as a flattop. This short hairstyle can be done in various lengths.

Gel, pomade or mousse will be needed to hold the hair in place depending on how long the hair is. With this hairstyle, the longer the hair on top, the more time it takes to style.

This short haircut gives a flat top surface to the typically round shape of the head. To achieve this, the hair at the front central area of the head is cut shorter than the hair at the front and around the top sides of the head.

As a result, a short flattop hairstyle lets the scalp at the front central area of the head to be visible. This look is known as a landing strip.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts
The Layer Cut

Another classic haircut for boys is the layer cut. With the layer cut, the hair is cut so that the hair in different parts of the head is roughly the same length. This is done instead of being left longer in the middle and shorter around the edges.

Boys Classic Hairstyles And Haircuts Gallery
The hairstyle gallery below features the styles above as worn by thrse celebritey boys and child stars:
Shane Kinsmen, Brent Kinsmen, Justin Burke, Julian Morris, Diego Luna, Dylan Cash, Bobby Preston,
Daryl Sabara, Freddie Highmore, Hayden Mcfarland, Rob Pinkston, and Scott Terra.

Any of these hairstyles can be worn by boys from toddlers to teens and young boys especially like picking a "older boys hairstyle".

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