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Boys Bowl Hairstyle For Thick Hair

This eight-year-old boy has very thick hair that used to be hard for him to care for. His mother found that a short haircut was far easier for him to maintain. 

Haircuts for boys should be simple and easy for the child to manage while still looking stylish. You should never pick a hairstyle for your boys that requires more than a few moments in front of the mirror each morning to look good.

After all, kids will be kids and not many children like fussing with their hair when they could be out playing. The ideal haircut for boys with thick hair will leave their locks looking neat no matter what they are doing.

The haircut this eight year old boy chose will keep his thick locks neat and tidy, leaving him to worry about more important things like baseball!
A great short haircut for thick hair will take your child from cartoons to the playground to after school activities with no more than a touch-up from a comb.
This hairstyle is ideal in that it can be styled for a more formal occasion with a small amount of styling gel. However, on your average day, it is very much a wash and wear style.

boys bowl hairstyle for thick hairBoys Bowl Hairstyle For Thick Hair
It is essential when picking out a hairstyle for your child, that you let them have some say in the matter. Even boys as young as eight years old, know what they like on themselves.

It is also very important that you work with your child’s hair type and texture, not against it.
The short haircut on this young boy makes use of light, long layers throughout to take some weight off of his locks and create the illusion of movement.

The casual fringe in the front adds a touch of style to the look. These bangs could be gelled to the side on special occasions if desired.

This haircut which is a blend of a layer cut and a modernized bowl cut with traces of what is known as a ‘classic boy‘s hairstyle‘, is an ideal hairstyle choice for young boys with thick hair.
The layer cut is cropped so that the hair in different areas of the head is roughly the same length.

This is an alternative option to a cut where the locks are left longer in the middle and shorter around the edges.

The bowl cut gets its name from the times when a bowl would be placed on the head and the hair under the bowl left showing would be clipped off.

This haircut permits hair of up to several inches if desired in length on the top leaving closely cropped hair below the bowl line with no blend between the two lengths.

Typically the line of the bowl in this hairstyle is just above the ears.
Although thick hair can be difficult to manage, especially on young boys, the right short haircut can make all of the difference. Your young boy’s locks will be neat, tangle free and so easy to care for.

Boys Bowl Hairstyle For Thick Hair

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Boys Bowl Hairstyle For Thick Hair

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