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Short Trendy Black Hair


Fabulous Curly Updo


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Black Hairstyles

Traditional black hairstyles such as cornrows, hairweaves, extensions, and dreadlocks will always remain favorite styles.

For Beautiful Black Hair

These black hairstyles have also crossed cultures and today are worn by celebrities and people of all races.

You may have seen black celebrities wearing both straight and super curly hairstyles and wondered just how they are created with black hair.

Hairstyle articles in this section will give you styling tips for your hair to get all the trendy styles you see today in hairstyle magazines, models, and celebrity hairstyles.

These African American hairstyle galleries, articles, and pictures feature celebrities with the latest trendy hairstyles for short, medium, and long lengths.

Black Hair Care

Straight Asymmetrical Bllllack Hairstyles
African American Hair Care
African American hair care is based on moisture and humidity. This is the key. Whether you count on water or special hair products, you need it as this type of hair requires daily attention. Read On
Black Hair Breakage
Black Hair Breakage
A look at the common causes of breakage in black hair and tips on how you can prevent and treat hair breakage Read On
Long Black Curls
Styling Black Curls
Create soft defined curls without the frizzy dryness, home styling tips for permanent curls and creating ringlets using straws Read On

Very Long Dreadlocks
Dreadlock Care
Tips for growing dreadlocks and maintenance. Your Dreds need a little tlc to look their best and to prevent hair or scalp problems. Read On

Styling Techniques

Short Black Bob Hairstyle
Black Bob Hairstyles
It really is true that something as simple as highlights can create a completely different look and this is a fabulous way to give your style a whole new look without having to make drastic changes Read On
Short Hairstyle Idea
Black Summer Hairstyles
Try this style you would see on Corrine Bailey Rae to keep your hair under control in this great style for summer
Read On
Thandie Newtons Curls
Black Hairstyles The Beauty Of The Natural Curl
Beautiful natural hair, African American women have the most beautiful curls,a beauty tip to natural curl like Thandie Newton is moisturizing with the right beauty products Read On
Mid Length Black Style
Hairstyles For Black Women
All too often people get stuck in style ruts and are not sure what to do to make the changes they long for. Try this sassy bob for a new look. Read On

Trendy Styles

Black Fowhawk
Black Womens Fohawk
A long in the front fohawk that blends classic elegance and style with a rock and roll punk flavor for black hairstyles Read On
Black Mohawk Style
Black Female Mohawk
This women's black mohawk may be short in length but it is high impact on style. A great look if you want a mohawk that is not too extreme or out there. Read On
Short Black Pixie

Short Black Pixie
A great style submitted to Salon Hairstyles by Tony from salon de spa, Atlanta
Read On

Blonde Black Curly Hairstyle
Blonde Black Hairstyles
Try a now hair color and go blonde for a very eye-catching look Read On

Very Short Black Hairstyles

Retro Black Bob
Retro Black Hairdos
What was once old is now new again and that means that Retro Black Hairdos are all the rage. Retro Black Hairdos are stylish, classy and incredibly sexy Read On
Very Short African American Style
Very Short African Hair Styles
Close cropped and very short, this style looks chic and sensational, they make the day to day work of hair care almost non-existent! Read On

Short Styles

Short Style Thick Black Hair
Black Hairstyles For Short Hair
A sophisticated looking short style that is simple to style, this do offers that- just sat in a high end salon for hours look when the reality is that a few minutes at home provide these stunning results Read On
Short Black Layered Hair
Black Layered Hair
If your looking for a new style that is trendy and makes you an individual, this short black layered hair is a top notch choice. Read On
Trendy Short Blsck Bob
Trendy Short Hairstyles
Short hair never has to be limiting on style. There are countless short hairstyles available to African American women that are completely beautiful. Read On

Medium Styles

Medium Black Hairstyle
Medium Hairstyles
How to style a medium length bob for black hair. This bob is sleek and smooth for a very classy look. Read On
Medium Flip
Medium Length Straight Hairstyles Gallery
Medium length straight hairstyles are glossy and glorious. You can find every style that you can imagine to flatter medium length straight black hair in our extensive gallery of pictures. Read On
Vanessa Williams
Medium Length Curly Hairstyles Gallery
Unlike what some people may think, medium length curly hairstyles actually provide women a lot of diversity when they are looking for different hairstyles. Read On

Long Styles

Long Straight Black Hair
Long Straight Celebrity Hairstyles
There are always new hair trends popping up on the Hollywood scene. Some of the hippest looks in tinsel town tresses at the moment are long straight celebrity hairstyles. Read On
Long Curly Black Hairstyle
Long Curly Celebrity Hairstyles
You have choices when it comes to selecting a long curly hairstyle. When you browse through these pictures you will find looks that are ideal for anything from formal to casual events. Read On

Straight Styles

Asymmetrical Black Bob
Asymmetrical Black Bob
This bob is chic and fashionable with sharp diagonal lines and a long side swept front fringe. This style will look it's best with straight black hair Read On
Black Bob
New Straight Black Hair Styles
A large number of women opt to relax their hair chemically to make it straight Chemical relaxers can be made with lye and women are given the option of doing their hair at home or visiting a salon. Read On


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Fabulous Curly Updo

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Black Celeb Styles

Mens Black Hair


Slightly Mature

Pretty Middle Aged Black Woman

Smooth Flipped Bob For Older Black Women
Choose this medium length smooth bob hairstyle that flatters older women's black hair
Read On

Hair Straightening For Middle Aged Black Women

Enjoy those straight sleek hairstyles for a professional look for work Read On

Up Styles

Formal Black Uppdo

Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo
An Updo can be the perfect hairstyle choice for many Afro-American women as it looks classy, neat and is fuss free

Updo styling tips, pictures and how to for African American updos
Read On

Funky Black Updo Hairstyle
idea for funky black updo, this hairstyle will turn heads and give you big hair for Prom, party or special occasion.
Read On

Black Catwalk Updos
The black catwalk updo is a very interesting hair design for the black female. This particular style brings out a mysterious air that is considered to be sleek and sexy. Read On

Black Crimped Updo
Do You Need An Updo With A Little More? The blacked crimped updo is becoming quite popular when it comes to those who are seeking an elegant, yet youthful hairstyle.
Read On

African American Prom Hairstyles
A hairstyle gallery featuring hairstyles for prom, grad, or homecoming.
Read On

African American Bridal Hairstyle Ideas A braided Bob hairstyle can be a wonderful way for African American women to wear their hair for this special occasion.

Pictures and ideas using micro braids in a bob hairstyle
Read On

Wedding Hairstyles
For the African American bride, a hairstyle gallery featuring pictures of black wedding hairstyles. View this gallery for hairstyle ideas for your Wedding day.
Read On

Childrens Styles

Black Children Hairstyles
Hairstyle pictures to give you ideas to control children's natural curls
Read On

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July 9, 2012

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