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Black Hairstyles The Beauty Of The Natural Curl

African American women have the most beautiful natural curls that can be wonderful.
They add definition and beauty to a variety of hairstyles.

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However some African American women find them to be limiting. Many African American women think perhaps that their curls hold them back and do not allow them many styling options.

That is not true at all, the only trick to working with your natural curl, is having the right cut, keeping your hair well conditioned and knowing which hair products to work with.

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton is a well-known and beautiful Afro-American actress who often wears her hair in styles that showcase her naturally curly hair.

One of the most important things that Thandie does with her hair no matter how she is wearing it is to keep the tresses very well moisturized.

Thandie is often seen wearing her curls up in a casual yet glamorous loose bun. This look is gentle enough for day wear or elegant enough for a night on the town.



style steps

Black Hairstyles The Beauty Of The Natural Curl ~ To emulate Thandie’s look

Shampoo and condition your hair with products designed for naturally curly hair.

Towel dry your hair lightly with a towel that absorbs moisture well.

Make sure you do not rub your tresses too hard as this promotes frizzing.

In the palm of your hand, combine a mixture of leave-in conditioner and a frizz buster.

Rub through your hair to help eliminate frizz and to keep your tresses soft

Apply a small amount of mousse to the palms of your hands.

Rub gently throughout damp hair to offer moisture and shine to your locks.

Work the tangles out of your locks with a wide toothed comb. This will also help to distribute your styling products evenly.

When blow-drying, use a long finger diffuser attachment. Make use of the diffuser's long fingers to lift sections of your hair and let them rest in the bowl of the diffuser as you dry. Work around the entire width of your head, drying your hair in small sections.

When hair is fully dry, use your fingers to separate and define your curls

For even more definition apply a small amount of hair wax to the palms of your hands and apply gently to your curls. Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic. You want the base of the ponytail to lay at the back of the crown of your head.

Using your fingers, carefully tousle the curls flowing from the ponytail into the shape of a chignon bun. Selecting random pieces, pin the curled ends under so that the pin lies against your scalp and holds the bun's shape Apply a shine serum such as over the top of your bun. Spray lightly with hair spray for hold.

Try not to use gels or any other styling products that can make your hair sticky. If you wish to have a gentle look with curls that are softer and more natural use mousse or a light cream styling product.
Enjoy Beautiful Curls
Black Hairstyles The Beauty Of The Natural Curl

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