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An updo can be the perfect hairstyle choice for many African -American women as it looks classy, neat and is fuss free.

African American hair is prone to breakage because it does not have a great ability to hold moisture. Having a hairstyle such as an updo that is as low maintenance as possible will help to keep your hair in a healthier condition.

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Treat your hair as gently as you can by using products geared for your hair type, using your heated tools on the lowest settings possible and only comb, brush or pick it when necessary.

The first key to any African -American hairstyle including the updo is good hair products. You want to always use hair products that are right for your hair type and that will moisturize your locks while providing shine.

If your hair is slightly dry or damaged, before styling, you may wish to use a deep conditioning treatment that will restore life to dull, hard to manage locks. Before styling you will need to blow dry your hair with a diffuser. Make sure you use a very good leave in conditioner.

You may at first think of an updo as a hairstyle only for formal occasions. That does not have to be the case at all. An updo can be dressed up or down and can be just as suitable for a casual day of shopping as it is for a formal event.

Even mega star Halle Berry knows that a classic updo is a perfect choice for any occasion. Halle always looks wonderful no matter how she wears her hair however, she turned up recently at an awards show in an elegant updo that was glamorous and chic and has never looked more stunning.

Although an updo is ideal for Afro-American hair that is either left naturally curly or has been chemically straightened, curls often work to your advantage. This is because curly hair updo’s are actually one of the easiest because having your hair curly is often the focus of a number of updo styles.

If you want to wear your hair in an updo, it is very easy to do right at home. Creating an attractive and romantic curly updo is very simple.

Enjoy Beautiful Black Hairstyles
Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo

Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo
How To Style

african american up do hairstyleAlthough possible to achieve on freshly washed hair, you may want to consider trying this updo on "day old" hair. Hair that has not just been washed does tend to hold shape better.

List Icon If you do wish to wash your hair first, use a shampoo that is gentle
List IconTowel dry your hair gently removing as much moisture as you can.
List IconComb your tresses with a wide toothed comb or a pick
List IconBlow-dry your hair upside down from the roots using a diffuser and scrunching your hair with your fingers.
List Icon Pull your hair back into a ponytail that rests at the back of your crown.
List Icon Take small pieces of hair at the very top of the ponytail and use a small curling iron to make tight ringlet curls if desired.
List Icon Arrange the curls as desired and mist with hairspray

Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo

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Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo

Black Hairstyles Beautiful In An Updo
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