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Bindi Irwin Perfect In Pigtails

Bindi Irwin tends to wear her hair in a style that is ideal for both parents and children alike.

Bindi Irwin's Hairstyle

It does not matter if your daughter is a princess or a tomboy; pigtails are the perfect choice.

Bindi Irwin is a busy little girl who seems to be on the go non-stop. The same is true for the majority of girls these days. Between school and activities, sports and friends, there is always something going on.

Pigtails for girls like the ones that Bindi Irwin wears will keep your hair out of your daughter's face and leave her looking neat and stylish.

Many parents and young girls wish for long locks, yet the upkeep of lengthy hair can turn out to be a pain. Pigtails offer you the compromise that you are looking for.

Long hair that is generally kept in pigtails will look terrific. However, you can release the elastics and have long flowing hairstyles when the occasion calls for it.

You can though opt to still use pigtails even on a formal occasion. Often, what you use to hold pigtails up can make a lot of difference in the hairstyle itself.

A fancy bow or ribbon tied around the pigtail will add a dash of pizzazz whenever you desire. Pigtails are also wonderful in the sense that you can opt to wear bangs with this easy hairdo if you want.

Bindi Irwin sports bangs with her hairstyle and looks fabulous. Bindi's bangs are cropped short enough as to not get in her way. Generally, with young girls this is a very good idea, as you do not want excess hair interfering with their vision.

Styling Pigtails

Styling pigtails literally only takes a few minutes each day and can easily be achieved on either wet or dry tresses. Also, by the time your child is as old as Bindi Irwin is, the chances are good that they will be able to fashion their pigtail hairstyle with only minimal help from you.

Once your child's hair has been washed and detangled with a wide toothcomb, simply blow dry some of the excess dampness out or even allow to air dry if desired.

Use a comb to carefully create a center part in your little girl's hair and with the comb life the side of her hair up until the locks are neat and in the location that you wish the pigtail to rest.

Secure with a hair friendly elastic and then move onto the other side and repeat this process.

Use colored elastics or one's with characters or decorations on them if you want. That is all there is to having Bindi Irwin's sweet pigtail hairstyle.


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Bindi Irwin Pigtails

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Bindi Irwin Long Soft Hairstyle

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