Big Frizzy Hairstyles Gallery For Big Hair With Beautiful Frizz

Our big frizzy hairstyles gallery will make you fall in love with natural frizzy hair. Big hair never really goes out of style, although it does cycle in and out of the trend spotlight.

It's been that way for centuries. Picture Marie Antoinette's heavily powdered (and no doubt just plain heavy) piles of curls, or Farrah Fawcett's walls of waves.

big frizzy hair

From bouffant-ed Southern gals (the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven) to punk rockers, just about everywhere you look you can find wild hairstyles that add handfuls of height. Maybe you've been lucky enough to have been born with a lot of natural texture and volume.

There are thousands of articles on how to tame that frizz and smooth those out of control curls into submission. But, hey, what about those brave and brazen gals who have the self confidence to work a skyscraper 'do? Maybe it's time to shake what your mama gave ya and enjoy the natural texture and volume of your big, bigger, biggest hair. View our big frizzy hairstyles gallery for inspiration.

The Big Frizzy Hairstyles Gallery. Enjoy

Don't get a big head over it (to go with the big hair), but some girls have to work hard for that volume. Fans of the band the Cure have long been defying gravity with artificially ratted, sprayed to death locks that would make any fright wig, well, frightened. Super models of the '80's were back combed almost to the point of extinction, but lived to tell the tale.

And have you ever seen Melanie Griffith and Joan Cusack in "Working Girl?" Those lion manes could never occur naturally. Once upon a time, there was even a musical movement called "hair metal" that had more to do with the 'do than the music – just ask any ol' school Motley Crue or Poison fan. We saw lots more ratted hair on the runway and street when "Hairspray" came back to the big screen.

More Really Big Hairdos

big natural frizzy hair

really big blonde hairdo

really big frizzy curls

long frizzy curls

romantic big frizzy hairdo

fine big frizzy hair

asymmetrical big frizzy hair

big frizzy ringlets

big frizzy hairdo extreme volume

natural redhead big frizzy Hairdo

tight frizzy hairdo

layered big frizzy hairdo

rocker style big frizzy hairdo

very thick big frizzy hair

round big frizzy hairstyle

naturally frizzy hair

Getting The Look

A rattail comb and maximum hold hairspray can work your hair up into a frizzy frenzy to rival any natural curl in a humid temperature. Start with blown dry hair and backcomb at the roots all over to create the styles in the big frizzy hairstyles gallery.

For added texture, try adding a little heat styling into the equation with a triple barrel waving iron, hot rollers, or a crimper. There is a wide array of volume injecting shampoos and conditioning products to try as well.

Keep hair tangly and huge or smooth out the top layer for a slightly more sleek look. If your hair has a bit of volume already and you want to help it along to radical heights, try picking your way into an afro.

For a voluminous updo that's always cropping up on celeb heads, try channeling Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with a sweet-as-honey beehive.

big frizzy hair style

More Volume

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Big Frizzy Hairstyles Gallery
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 14, 2015

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Big Frizzy Hairstyles Gallery