Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam

beyonce knowles close upGlamorous, gorgeous, talented, Beyonce Knowles has it all. After conquering the music world as the lead singer of the best selling female-vocal group, "Destiny's Child", Beyonce Knowles is well known for her success and after a fabulous year of solo projects, this singer, actress and model has become one of the biggest trend setters in the entertainment world today.

Beyonce hairstyles are nothing less than absolutely fabulous! She has worn her hair in signature cornrows, layered it in soft curls complete with honey-caramel highlights, a poker-straight mane washed in a warm brown semi-permanent, and most recently in gorgeous blonde locks.

And who could forget her, Foxy Cleopatra, afro from her debut movie "Austin Power's in Goldmember". Whether she is wearing it straight or in a curly afro, Beyonce's hair always looks amazing. Her hair is always worn long. Sometimes she straightens it for a sleek, smooth appearance. Our personal favorite is the tumbling barrel curls, which give Beyonce a look of old Hollywood glamour.


~ Big Loose Double Barrel Curls ~ Sedu Long And Straight With Layers ~ Tight Curly Ringlets ~
beyonce big loose curls
beyonce straight hairstyle
beyonce curly ringlets


Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam
Style Steps Beyonce's Long Loose Curls
Style Steps Shampoo and condition hair and towel dry hair gently.
Style Steps With damp hair, take a small section of hair- about one and half inches.
Style Steps Comb it smooth and spray it with volume spray or hair spray. This will help hold the curls and give your hair body.
Style Steps Wrap this section of hair around a large roller. Velcro rollers are a great modern roller. There is no need for pins, as velcro rollers stick to the hair itself. Remember to roll the hair in the direction you want the hair to go.
Style Steps Let your hair dry naturally if you have time. If you are in a rush, use a hairdryer to dry your hair.
Style Steps Unravel the rollers once your hair is dry. Gently comb the curls with your fingers. Finish with another spray of hair to hold your sexy curls


Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam.
Style Steps Beyonce's Long Straight Sedu Look

Style Steps begin by combing straightening balm through damp hair, section and blow dry with round brush to smooth surface and relax the wave or curl.
Style Steps When dry, section and mist with straightening spray and smooth surface with Flat styling iron.


Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam
Beyonce's Tighter Curly Ringlet Hairstyle

Style Steps comb a dab of Gel Mousse or mist with firm hold Quick Style spray gel, section and blow dry
Style Steps when dry curl on medium size styling iron or set with small sponge or electric rollers.
Style Steps Tousle with fingers to separate ringlets

These Styles require a little extra styling to achieve the look but are worth the effort if you want a style that turns heads when you walk in the room.



Beyonce Knowles Long Hairstyles Creates Hollywood Glam

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