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Bettie Bangs

Emma Elizabeth

One Hot Hairstyle

Bangs have been making a comeback for a number of years now, and one style that is quickly gaining momentum are the baby bangs, also known as Bettie Page or Louise Brooks bangs. 

A bit of a throwback to the bombshells of their namesake, this hipster fringe is a mark of a girl who’s sassy and sexy and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. 

Style Variations

There are several variations on the basic Bettie bang, which has a bit of a dip in the center and a rounded appearance.

The Louise Brooks style bang marches short and straight across the middle of the forehead and lies very straight. 

Try out the pointier "V” shaped bang a la Liza Minnelli in "Cabaret,” which dips down in the center of the forehead and comes to a sharp point.

 Bettie bangs can be flattering with any number of hair styles, from one length long waves to a choppier layered shag. 

betty bang

Bettie Bang ~ Carol D.

Go traditional with a just above the chin bob or funk it up with a short spiky ‘do. Don’t be afraid to play with color, either. 

Emma Elizabeth is pictured top left with her Bettie Bangs, Emma wears a chin length bob that compliments her triangle face shape perfectly.

This girl has pulled it all together with makeup and clothes for a knock out look.

Adding Color

Try a little Technicolor injection in the bangs only, or an off-center stripe to play up the geometric, face-framing shape.

Whatever style you’ve chosen, maintenance will play a big part into how long you keep your bangs looking hip. 

Because the whole point is to keep ‘em short, you’ll need to commit to a regular trim approximately every two weeks. 

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My Betty Bangs

Style Inspiration

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bettie bangs with long hair

"Nifty Bettie Bangs"

Sharp scissors really help when you are doing Bettie bangs, otherwise the hair just bunches and moves all around.

This is the straightest I've ever had them, when my scissors were brand new.

Sadly, I'm too broke to replace my crappy scissors and have never been able to get them this perfect since :( I'm definetly investing in a quality pair when I get my tax return!

From: Baltimore


bettie bangs bambi

I got me some bangs... Before I got bangs, I was compared to the Bionic knows, but bangs sure changed my look!

From: Hawaii


Betty Bangs Betty Haliifax

I saw a picture of my Mother when she was about 17 with her Betty Bangs on the back of a Harley!!!

Brenda B

I just had to try on myself!!!


pinnup bangs

Pinnup Bangs

So hard to keep up. I had to trim them almost every time I styled my hair and they still were not "perfect".


bettie bangs cynthia

Hi There, First of all i want to say i looove the site you guys made of bettie bangs and all!

And i saw that you can send in some pictures of yourself with your own bangs so i was like HEY why not?

So i added some pics with my self cut bangs and i hope you guys like it!

Greets Cynthia from The Netherlands


betty bangs emma

Here's a picture of me with my bangs! I cut them the day she died to pay homage to her. Hope you like.

Love, Emma


retro bangs

It's Gabby Zombie!

I cut my bangs myself and I LOVE them! they are so cute.

I have an oval face and naturally dark hair. I've had my Bettie page bangs for about 6 months.

I get lots of compliments and my honey loves 'em too.

ADVICE: a curler is your best friend! a flat iron works just as good-just twist at the end:D Have fun!

+Lost For Life+
From: Texas


jessica bettie bangs


bettie bangs kayle

"I love the pinup/rockabilly style and I have been wanting these bangs for awhile now, your page inspired me!"


Bettie Bangs Lisamarie

" Love my Betties! "


bettie bangs shelly

Wedding And Other Stuff

Here are my them.

 I think i'm going to go all the way and make them a true bettie bang.




Pinkie Pink Hair With Bettie Bangs

I LOVED my hair when it was like this! My sister in law was my hairdresser when I lived in Vegas, and this was a look we came up with, which I sported for about a year (which in hair terms for me is a very long time)

We used Pravana bleach & color to get the pink.
From: Colorado Springs, CO, USA


betty bangs trixie

Hi am trixie i was on your lovely webpage and i to support the bettie page bangs... heres my pic!!! thanks have a nice day!!!


bettie bangs valerie

"I Love My Bangs! Me And My Honey, Lovin My Look"

All I do is use my flat iron to get them perfectly straight and slightly curved and give the rest of my hair a little curl at the ends as well.

Apply some red lipstick and dark eyeliner, and instant glam!!! My boyfriend loves it!
From: San Antonio, TX, USA


Hello everyone. well, this year i found the courage to dare try bangs out and wow i loved them, they really suited me, but they tended to grow out quick, and i couldnt keep curling them round so i could still leave them and not have too tuck them aside. but after the third type of bang i got grew out even faster i thought id you know, just trim them.

well, i knew how to do it well, im a hair dressing juniour (albeit an unemployed one), done it before on others, so why not my self why not indeed.

i sectioned my bangs, scissors at the ready, lined up and everything, well what do i go n do, but SNEEZE, i cut my fringe diagnal half way up my forehead, and this was yesterday, i was supposed to go out job hunting today but i didnt dare, it wont clip back and head bands with teeth dont work coz its too short, so i found this website, and found the bettie bangs bit very encouraging.

since i cant hide em! so thankyou, now i know its not the end of the world p.s if any of you have really short bangs too, and black/dark hair, try using liquid eyeliner, give yourself dramatic eyes, and do a cleopatra! thats what im doing tommorow (saturday) night, it looks good, use lots of mascarra for big lashes, use matt foundation (maybeline dream matte mouse is brilliant)and use NON dramatic lip gloss, coz u dont wanna over do it. ok, thats all.

oh and one more thing, apparently its better to work with something than against it.

Styling Your Bettie Bangs

While it’s tempting to pick up those scissors on your own, it’s harder than it looks to get ‘em straight and even.

Like most banged hairstyles, it’s hard to walk out the house washed n’ going.  When bangs are freshly washed, you’ll want to blow-dry and maybe add a dollop of maximum hold mousse to help shape them. 

To get a rounded, slight curl to your bang, you can try a couple of methods. 

A single hot roller will do the trick, as will a curling iron. 

Even your trusty straightener can add that curl by smoothing the length of the bangs and then flipping it under a bit.  Finish with a shiny finishing spray.

If you’re a bit leery of taking the shortie bang plunge, there are ways to fake it as well. 

Take the front of your hair and curl it around either a roller or a curling iron, and once the shape is made, pin the hair under in a slight curve and set with a bit of light hold spray. 

This technique can be tricky, but a little practice makes perfect!

When sporting a very short bang, clear skin and a well-groomed brow are a must.  Keep skin fresh and smooth by exfoliating regularly twice a week, and set those perfectly arched brows with a clear mascara. 

Once you’ve mastered your bangs, go all-the-way retro, and consider trying a bold red lip and a bare, shimmery eye with a swoosh of black liquid eyeliner. 
Have Fun!

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My Bettie Bangs
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