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Jean And Jane Ford

Two identical twins one idea what a concept! Anyone watching Jane and Jean Ford grow up always knew they could expect the unexpected.

In 1972 the Ford sisters entered the world of cosmetics and staying true to form, delivered the unexpected — and the benefit is all ours!

If the photos of Jean and Jane look familiar to you, perhaps you recognize them as the models featured in the Calgon TV commercials.

I wonder if it was those long tedious makeup sessions before going on-air, had the girls thinking that makeup should be more fun than this, and thinking as we do, that feeling pretty is as important as looking pretty?

Inspired with their new idea, the sisters opened The Face Place in 1976 and have not slowed down since.As expected, this was no ordinary makeup boutique, this boutique reflected their shared passion for makeup and their witty sense of humor in the irresistible packaging.The benefits soon followed.

In 1990 the Face Place became the Benefit Cosmetics we enjoy today, with their fresh solutions to the consistent problems that plagued our mothers, us, and our daughters, makeup became fun and gave us the results we needed.

Three of the original products are still best-sellers today, benetint, lip plump and ooh la lift, and still bring home the awards. More new products are continually being developed that are unique in how they solve our makeup and skincare problems and how we approach makeup.

Personally I have come to rely on Benefit not only for my own pleasure, but also for my gift list throughout the year. From one Christmas to the next and all of those special occasions and celebrations in between I know I can choose wonderful products for everyone on my gifts list from ages pre-teen to 85.

We agree that the whole reason behind makeup should be to make us feel good, and when you do feel good, it's go ahead and smile…makeup is finally what it is supposed be.

Benefit cosmetics product line includes makeup, beauty, facial scrubs,body lotions, fragrance, fakeits, skincare, acne treatment, concealer, lipstick, gloss, foundation, body care, body care, moisturizers, eye shadow, mascara, face wash, powder, blush, fragrance, gifts, and accessories, bridal makeup,and makeup tools!

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Benefit Benefit Benefit

"I must say that eyecon is the most wonderful product! As a middle school teacher, I was constantly hearing from my students that I looked tired because of my under-eye dark circles

No more! Eyecon began working immediately so even my toughest critics have nothing more to say, and I'm happy too!"
Thanks, Carly

"I'd just like to say how much I love hoola; it's like a little burst of sunshine I can carry around in my handbag! One stroke of your stunning power leaves my skin looking sun-kissed and sexy. even if I have only been in rainy old Britain!"
Thank you, Steph

"Where to start? I love it all! I started with ooh la lift, boi-ing and Maybe Baby, and wow, I felt younger, fresher & loved the look! I quickly moved on to add dandelion and lyin' eyes to my makeup bag.

I rave about Benefit to all of my office mates and anyone who will listen!"
Thank you, April

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