Ben Cooke Stylist Of Poshs Pob Hair

victoria beckham pob hairstyleWho says that an ultra short cut isn’t feminine and sexy?  Just take a look at the latest crop of cropped ‘dos on the world’s sexiest stars, and you’ll be thinking twice. 

And according to celeb stylist Ben Cooke, the shear genius behind the coifs of Minnie Driver, Gwyneth Paltrow, and most recently Victoria Beckham’s trendsetting and hot new "pob,” these short styles are not going anywhere.

Cooke is the owner of London salon Lockonego and will soon be opening another location in Los Angeles – great news for Victoria Beckham, his favorite client, who recently has also found her way to the States, and whose recommendations to slews of celeb pals will certainly come in handy once the salon opens. 

Cooke and business partner, Jonathan Long, say that they have dreamt of expanding their brand into the US for many years, but add that they may have to go back to beauty school in order to acquire Visas for work in the US! 

"It doesn’t matter if you have to cut Victoria Beckham’s hair or the Queen’s — you need to have different qualifications,” says Cooke.  The pair have already been meeting with cosmetic lines and magazines.

This tress transformer has been styling Posh’s posh locks for the last seven years, so when she decided to toss her extensions and lighten her color, he was up for the challenge.

Victoria’s sheared, angled ‘do is super sexy with an long sweep of bangs in the front, and is so innovative it’s found itself renamed – the Pob (for Posh’s bob).  The sassy style softens her features and lends the chicest spice of them all an air of edginess that’s new for her. 

Victoria Beckhams Pob Hairstyle

victoria beckhams pob hair do

"It’s a classic graduated bob that has been shattered to give it a more modern edge,” says Cooke. 

Victoria has been thrilled with her new style, and refers to Cooke as one of her best friends, and the stylist, in turn has found himself flying all over the world to work on Lady Becks. 

It’s a family affair for Cooke and Victoria, too, as it’s not just her tresses that he’s responsible for - he styles hubby David Beckham, and their children as well! 


About contemporary fashions in hair, Cooke says, "These days, the general feeling is about eclecticism.  Smarter, more well-groomed and less scruffy looks are on the way in.”

The birth of the "pob” has set off a number of wanna-pobs, including Posh pal Katie Holmes, and the not-so-bald-anymore Brittany Spears, and Eva Longoria.  This style has become the hottest new look in Hollywood!

Ben Cooke Stylist Of Poshs Pob Hair

victoria beckhams short pob hairstyle
victoria beckhams short pob hairstyle

Ben Cooke Stylist Of Poshs Pob Hair

victoria beckhams new bob hairstyle

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