Before And After Hair Style Makeovers Gallery

View the before and after hair style makeovers gallery for inspiration for your new look. Your successful makeover story transpires with a new and updated hairstyle.

A trendy new style can take you from yesterday to today faster and more effectively than any other action chosen to renew your image.

Modernizing your hair style does not require extreme haircuts or hair color. Stylists in today’s salons have the expertise, training, and resources to create subtle changes or if you prefer, the more drastic long to short hairstyle makeovers.

You will also need to know if you can maintain your new hairdo at home. Do you have the styling tools and do you know how to properly use them?

Even though a makeover should reflect your personal choices and comfort zone, being open to suggestion and finding inspiration in its most current sources will reveal options you will miss on your own and that can make exciting changes.

Your Comfort Zone

You need to decide how much of the old you that you can comfortably give up to flatter and compliment the new you. Long hair makeovers should be decide carefully, going from long smooth and straight to short and curly is a major step.

Before And After Bob Makeover


Dress Artsy

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Hairstyle Makeovers

Long Hair Before Chin Length Flip AfterLong Lengths To Chin Length Flip
Basic Cut To Shape And TextureBasic Cut To Shape And Texture
New Part Line And Warmer ColorNew Part Line And Warmer Color
Bedhead To Smooth And SleekBedhead To Smooth And Sleek
Plain Jane To Cute BobPlain Jane To Cute Bob

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Calling All Angels
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